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Awaiting Rheumatology appointment


I'm new here, so thanks for letting me in.

I've had Raynauds syndrome for some years but lately it has disappeared to be replaced with joint pain & feeling hot all the time. I've never been a hot person, always very cold until now. The pains started in my feet, keeping me awake in the night & being swollen in the mornings, with it subsiding during the day. Then it started in my hands and arms as well. My arm muscles felt like they have lactic acid in them hand my hand simply ached deep inside. It seems almost cyclical but I have noticed if I get ill with a cold or such, then it gets even worse. Sometimes in the night I feel jittery/jangley like adrenaline is flooding my body even though I am tired. I sometimes get a burning sensation to the ride side of my navel, like someones sticking a hot poker in me. My GP has referred me mentioning, rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus, or other inflammatory issues. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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Hi kitkat, welcome to the forum. I have mild raynaulds so not sure if I can be of much help.

All of us have different quirky things going on, i sometimes get a hot feeling that races through my veins, sometimes even now it feels in my stomach like something has 'popped' and bleeding but it hasn't come to anything.

These auto immune things are quite quirky with what they do to our bodies. Hope you don't have to wait to long for your appt. x


It does sound a little familiar, but its probably best to see the rheumatologist with an open mind.

It's very difficult to compare with others, this disease has thousands of disguises.

If it turns out that lupus is your problem, this is a great place for support and advice.

I hope that you get your appointment very soon.


Hi Kitkat101,

I'm glad that you have been referred for some further investigations. Hopefully the rheumatologist will be able to help diagnose the cause of your symptoms and start you on some treatment if necessary.

If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

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Hello Kitkat101,

That does sound a bit like how mine started - severe Raynaud's, shortness of breath and random pains in my hands. I've recently developed what feel like adrenalin rushes, with sweating, tahycardia and nausea (I suspect this may be related to thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, but it still hasn't been fully investigated)

However, creaky makes an important point. These auto-immune conditions present in all sorts of ways, and it's easy to jump to conclusions. Do your research, make sure your rheumatologist answers all your questions and keep an open mind.


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Hi kit Kat

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it helpful and you don't wait too long for your Rheumy Appointment. Your GP was right to refer you as mine started with Raynauds first then I developed other symptoms over the years!. Keep us posted and good luck. X


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