Sjrogens lip biopsey

Hi, i had my sjrogens lip biopsey on tuesday and am still in bed recovering. I was v sick after anesthetic and got an anti sickness iv. I had an antibiotic iv too as i suffer from reocurring pericarditis. I have bad pain in my jaws and lip is still very swollen. I would love to hear from anybody out there who had a simar experience re lip biopsey. Im wondering if my pain is normal and trying to decide if i should rest more or return to work tomorrow. On day three of semolina as i hve an inch of stitches!! Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care x

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  • Ahhhh lollalettuce bless you hope you are feeling better soon. I remember feeling sorry for myself for days! I would have tomorrow off and go back to work on Monday. I work in a school so did stay off as bruising very bad and looked pretty scary!!! Have you tried a smoothy picks you up and fills you up. Please contact me if feel like need to talk x

  • Hi t3kao how are you? Hope you are having a nice weekend. Just thought id let u know im getting my results on friday and am nervous! Im only 35 and they have been trying to diagnose me for 15years.i have every test u can imagine from head to toe! do you ever have days where you wonder how it is possible to be on so much medication?! Anyway thats my little debate over! X

  • Dear Lollalettuce, I am quite good at the moment and have had quite busy weekend. Did my first Farmers Market as I make handmade bags and gifts, something I have learnt to do whilst being off of work for so long!!!!!! This was yesterday and hence have spent most of today either n bed or lounging around trying to recover!!!! Good luck on Friday do let me know how you get on. Oh I totally agree with the medication I sit and look at them all just before I take them! I did stop at christmas in protest really, but am still suffering as a result of that realise that unfortunately we do need to take them. Take care xxxxx

  • Thanks so much for writing back, it helps knowing im not the only one who is having a wobbley time after the test! I am suprised i am feeling so battered. I have had open heart surgery and the bruising in my lip feels sorer than my ticker did. Ill defo give a smoothie a go. Im defo expecting too loose a few pounds at my next weight watchers class! Take care x

  • Hi

    May I ask do you have Hughes too? I ask because a lip biopsy was considered for me but quickly dismissed as having no practical point as, even though saliva and the blotting paper eye tests suggested I had drug induced sicca/ sjrorgens rather than primary, my treatment would be the same regardless of a positive lip biopsy or change in label. This was the advice of a Guys Sjrogens specialist. I have since gone on to Pilocarpine which is great during the day, but relatively little help at night or when I am horizontal. I do hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi tim, thanks for your message. I have not been diagnosed with hughes. I will be getting my biopsy results next week. Still struggling with stitches and swelling! Look after yourself

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