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Beauty (lip filler, dermal filler) hair laser anyone had these things done with having lupus?

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Has anyone had lip filler or dermal fillers without any problems? I have asked this question before a while back. My consultant has said it is safe but when i mention my lupus to the aesthetic nurses they say they wont do it. Also i wanted hair laser removal and they too wont treat me because of Lupus. Any experiences from anyone would be appreciated

Thanks xx

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You can have lip fillers with Lupus, as long as your condition is controlled and stable. You should ask your doctor prior to make sure your condition is stable and you have no objections to the procedure. For laser hair removal, it's crucial to know what your skin type is in order avoid burns. If you're developing sunburn, it's important to avoid hair laser removal.

I had a few Botox injections between my eyebrows. I can’t recall if I was taking Plaquenil yet but I developed a problem swallowing. I would choke on my food. I had swallow tests done and they. Oils to determine what the problem was. After reading many articles I realized it was the Botox because it can paralyze your muscles. The doctor agreed that it may have been that as the problem went away after a year. I also found an article online by a doctor who stated lupus patients should not get Botox. I have Sjogruns that gives me throat problems. Hope this helps. Be careful.

Hey Rach

Personally I wouldnt do anything to my bod that isnt required. Im sure you really want to do this - but well, you might be much younger than me etc.. all I can say is I react badly to most stuff done to my bod etc.. and would say dont - Im sure you look gorgeous as you are. Hope all that ok to say.... and if you still choose to do it... hope it goes well. x

Just wondered if u r on steroids? Often this is a problem for any potentially invasive procedure rather than lupus? Also if u r actively lyphmphopenic? Good luck

Hello Rach459;

I can’t say for you, but, we know a lady who had a Brazilian wax who had lupus, and it did not turn out very well! It ripped some of her skin (literally off), it cause a severe rash. She had to wear dresses, with nothing on underneath for several weeks until it healed! So be extremely careful!

However, I myself, have hair loss from Lupus and medication. I am a guy so this is somewhat embarrassing. I have lost 100% of my body hair. Nothing on legs, under arms, chest, even the down under places. My eye brows are almost gone! I did have thick hair on my head. It is coming out rapidly.

I hate to say this but, it is very possible in time you will not have to have hair removed by waxing or laser?

Don’t know if this help any?

Wishing You The Best!

Thank you for your replies. 💓 im 33 years old and i've been getting botox for 7 years with absolutly no problems. Im not on steroids, i have rituximab infusions every 6 months with no problems also along with hydroxychloriquine. My condition has been stable for a few years now 🙏. I know i sound very vain, but i just like to look nice.

Lupus stops us from having alot of things 🙄😝

I worked in a laser clinic and did hair removal on my problem !

I have mild lupus...but thanks to the medical profession I didn't know then.

I would see a doctor level practitioner if I was you and take a complete letter from your doctor to the practitioner. Clinics are extra cautious because they dont want come back. laser light is not sun light but your skin needs to be in shape for the laser to be used.

I wouldn't see why botox would be a problem done by a true professional, you must be very careful not to massage it into other areas when washing and applying cream though.

Lip fillers are very safe these days and Juverderm is a beautiful product.... I dont believe they use bovine which may cause flare.

You must not go on my say though !!!

Put your case and see the best even if you pay more....its worth it...good luck !


I worked in an aesthetic clinic and did hair laser removal on myself !!!

I was not diagnosed then....but I only have it mild.....and it worked great.

The medication an cause a pigment response when mixed with the laser this is why. I would suggest you find a laser doctor... Go to London.. he should asses if it's safe or not. A Yag laser works past the melonin so might BC work if needed for you. Fillers ? It's a foreign body inside so they don't like takeing chances ....I have them it's fine.....but I refuse the drugs and am mild.... So again get an expert doctor.....London !

Good luck 😊

I have UCTD/Latent Lupus, and they are now thinking Sjogrëns as well. I have had fillers many times. Lips, Botox, Juvaderm, VolumaXL... there, I’ve said it. (😂) I would only do so with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. I know you can have it done cheaper through other people, but I wouldn’t trust that even if I didn’t have an AI. I used the office’s PA once, thinking she had to be good too, right? No! She stuck me at least 5 x’s more than my doctor. She left marks with each jab (like little mosquito bite scabs). I had a huge bruise down one side of my face for about a week. And it didn’t look as good or last as long. So now I only use my doctor, not even his PA.

Last time I was in we talked about my AI and skin rashes. He seemed to know/have experience and understanding for it. With him, I don’t get jabbed a lot, nor bruise badly (maybe a little spot that goes away in a couple days, but sometimes not even that) and no sign of where he jabs me (no little scabs). It looks great and lasts much longer than when his PA did it.

Anyway, I know some people find filler vain. To each his own. Get it or don’t. It’s the individuals own business. I don’t ever do anything in extreme (no duck lips). But let me ask everyone... if your car gets a dent in it, do you have the dent fixed? If your carpet gets old with wear, do you replace it? Maybe your couch gets old and lumpy and the seams come undone, do you replace it? Is that vain? Because I feel as if humans are more important than rugs, furnishing and automobiles. If, we can do a little tweak here or there, and we choose to, and it’s affordable to us, then why not? I don’t go in but maybe once every two-three years (Botox says every three months and lip fillers say every 6 months). I just like to freshen up when I start looking tired. (Which I could use an appt now). How many of us don’t color our hair? Use make up? Isn’t that the same thing? Wanting to look our best isn’t vanity unless you take it over the top. Wanting to look our best means we care. Big difference between natural looking enhancement and going over the top for attention. But, I would say it should be safe with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. But talk to him/her. Make sure he understands your illness.

Oh my, I just answered without noting you asked this 11 months ago. Ha, ha, I’m assuming that by now you’ve made your mind up and either did, or did not do it. So let us know what happened? Thanks. Hope all went well either way.

Hi Brooksidecourt,

I did not go ahead with the filler as i am too scared incase i have a Lupus flare. My consultant to this day still says im okay to have it, but it makes me question as to why no one will do the fillers for me when i mention i have Lupus. Xxx

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Have you spoken with a facial plastic surgeon? If you haven’t, maybe he’d be more comfortable with doing it since he has more education and understanding of the body, including skin, etc. But I’m sure you are beautiful regardless.

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