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Itchy, burning skin and mouth, swollen lip!

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Hi! Does anyone get these crazy symptoms? My skin feels like sun burn and my mouth is burning and tingly and my lower lip is slightly swollen with little bumps on the inside of the lip. The back of my throat also feels itchy! I've taken anti histamine, but it has made no difference!Help!

8 Replies
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Hi honey67. I have persistant itchy skin especially around the ribcage,between my bust and neck. It was put down to Ezcema and I've tryed various creams to combat this with no effect. It drives me mad. Any suggestions? don't have any problems with my mouth or lips fortunately. I take an antihistamine daily too! x

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I use copious amount of E45 to day and combat dry itchy skin... BUT my main bug bare is the mouth tingling pain and sores and ulcers and back of throad which I've even had to be scoped for down the nose when it's been really bad!!!!.. A lot of my mouth problems were found to be caused by too much stomach acid. (I have limited Scleroderma too) so as well as omeprazol (largest dose) I also have 2 x 5mls of gaviscom twice a day (apparently a large does for me as I'm only 5'5" & 8st 7lb...

but it has helped a lot - not gone but helped. I have like a strong mouth was on prescription too which really helps...


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Hi Adamine,

I don't have dry skin, it just feels like sun burn! The ulcers in your throat sound horrible! It's interesting that you take omeprazole, so do I (20mg), but also find that I need antacids as well at the moment! According to the GP the sun-burn feeling, and burning mouth is due to anxiety and is in my head! But at the moment I've not got anxiety!!

Thanks for replying. x

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funny enough although I have very itchy skin I have no rash and yes it just feels like sunburn. I was just wondering was this one of the symtons or will my Reumy put it down to anxiety or pass it off as Excema again? Does any one know? The mouth ulcers/lip and throught symtons sound horrendous. Hope you all get some relief with your mouths soon.

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I so empathize with you .My skin itches especially my legs and feet,nothing seems to help. I got a cold last week and on top of that my mouth and tongue are so sore, it wasn't helped by my antibiotics that have now given me thrush in the mouth to. I am trying to stay possative but it is so hard sometimes, sorry to rant. Hope you are all having a better time, enjoy it while it lasts. Am open to any helpful surjestions. God bless

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Before diagnosis I had the same problem and when flaring the itchy bumps around lips reappear. No Sjorgens for me thank goodness and just live with the other symptoms when they happen as they always disappear in time for the specialist!

Mr Wolf is such a baddy:(

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I don't have Lupus however my sister and my auntie do. They say that pineapple juice or fresh pineapple pieces are very good for healing the mouth. Apparently pineapple has some natural healing properties in it. My sister puts pineapple juice is ice cube trays and freezes it so that she can just suck a cube now and again when she needs it.

Hope this helps.

Good luck everybody and god bless. xxx

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Hi Honey, My face feels 'sun burnt' (often also painful burning 'line' around lips) from a range of things. Lamps (particularly the awful energy saving ones (..are nothing but energy wasters actually creates fatigue too!) and computers (screen helps ..a bit) and TV are trouble for me. The 'burning' comes from sitting too close to any light (or for too long), includes any travelling (hat helps). I can also feel 'sun burnt' on the face a short while after eating or drinking (could be anything ..even water sometimes).

I suspect some of my problems are due to various chemicals in food & drink! (I have gone totally organic in the last year ..seems to be the way forward for me.)

My body thermostat has never really been in proper working order - so assume that's another reason making me sensitive to the slightest change in temperature. If too cold I get stiff and achy and if too warm I feel 'burnt' - also sometimes get blisters from overheating. Perhaps I should change my name to Ms Barometer! ;) Aloe Vera Gel helps ease my burning - helps with itching too nice, cooling and dehydrates the skin. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

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