Shaking and trembling, hurts to the point of crying

Im 13 years, and i keep having these problems, i have had them for about a month.

First it started out where my head really hurt, i couldnt stand up or just sit, it hurt to much, and i keep feeling hot, no matter how cold the area or room, now something is effed up with my stomach, it keeps making odd noises, but its not hungry, i can it feel it moving around inside, and it really hurts, sometimes it is the cause of my head aches.

Now i cant sit or lay down cause my body and muscles will tense up and i will start to shake and tremble uncontrollably, its hurts so bad that i will cry if i cant find someway to stop, i have to control myself to not scream, after awhile, since it is really hard to stop, if i dont find someway to stop, my arms and legs will snap and twitch in odd directions, it hurts so bad that i have gotten many restless nights, and im to scared to sleep, it just hurts so bad and even when i dont lay down i will start to twitch at times, but not as bad, my BF thinks i should drink warm milk with honey, but im allergic to milk and i can drink it with out puking.

I have tried to talk to my mom about this, but she thinks it is nothing and only an act for attention, well i dont know how to act this, she keeps saying it is nothing and she yells at me for overreacting to it, but i cant sleep, im in pain all the time now. She said she would call the doctor and make an appointment, i dont even remember when she said that, but she hasnt done it, and she always tells me to just forget about it.

I also got another problem, i cant pee, i have tried everything i can do, i drink a lot of liquids, i eat enough (Cause everyone thinks i dont eat enough and that that is the problem), doesnt work, i have had this problem for 5 months and still counting, sometimes if i can, i will manage to go, wich usually happens in about a week or two, there have been times i ended up wetting the bed, and times i ended up wetting myself, while still awake, i didnt even know i had to go, if i get that feeling i have to pee, then i will just sit there and wait, but nothing, it hurts, and its not helping with anything, again my mom thinks it is nothing, she says i maybe have just a slow bladder or kidney, i dont know if this has anything to do with not being able to pee for 2 weeks at most, i dont know what to do, i cant call the hospital, i have to make an appointment, but i cant cause i am to young, and i would have no way to get there, what do i do.

And if any of you know what is wrong with me, than please tell me, i need to know.

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having health problems and your mum isn't taking them seriously. Do you have another relative, like a grandparent, that you could talk to about it? Perhaps somebody else would be able to make an appointment for you? I think it is a good idea that you have some tests to find the cause of your symptoms.

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Am so sorry dear! I think u should call the hospital or better still call the ambulance once u start shaking. It would be nice to talk to ur councillor in school. U seriously need to c d dr as soon as possible. Hope dis helps


Sorry to hear about all your problems darling. It would be impossible to diagnose you. But from what you have said it definitely needs further investigation. For beginners.... The urinary problems could be an infection which could be treated simply with a short course of meds, if not treated could cause pain higher up in your kidney area

The fact the your writing here means you need some help and support. I agree with Paul, maybe there is another relative you can speak to? Perhaps you could show your mum your post, the fact the you are writing here shows in my mind that you are desperate for some help. You do not say where your from? Only we have people post on here from all over the world and Drs and things are run differently in different countries. Are you not able to get yourself to a Dr or some surgeries have nurse practitioners that you can pop in and see, but like I said it depends where you are from. Let us know how you get on and keep us updated with your progress. Sending love and light - Jo xxx


Hi, Yes please please check out your kidney/bladder issues. You know always trust in yourself and your instincts and back it up with a visit to your GP/health provider. What is the worse that can happen will get the help you need. If you do not feel you are listened to at home, then tell a friend, school teacher, helpline, us here on the forum. Try not to doubt your own concerns. Hugs and keep us posted xx


Hi dear how are u

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It isn't right that your mum isn't taking this seriously. If you can't pee properly you really need to be seen by a doctor, not to mention the pain you are in!

I would ring your gp's surgery and make yourself an appointment hun, and just go on your own if you haven't got anyone to go with.

Let us know how you get on xxx


Hi ForgottenChild, Your are only thirteen years old, having all these symptoms and not knowing what is going on, it must be so scary for you. You have taken the first step to getting help by asking for it on this site, I think you are very brave in doing that. You need to get some help as soon as possible. You need to go to your doctor's surgery. You may not need to make an appointment in advance because most surgeries do same day walk in appointments. When you talk to the receptionist you need to be clear about what you want to say. write your symptoms down if you need to before you go or ring, so you don't leave anything out. Tell them of your symptoms. let then know that you are really scared and desperately need help. Tell them your mum wont listen to you. surgeries have a duty of care, they cant turn you away. If you cant get an appointment to see the doctor straight away ask to see the nurse and talk to her. Do you have the surgery's number or address? can you ring them or walk there?

If your symptoms become acute before you can see the doctor go to Accident and emergency at your local hospital.

Please let us know how you get on, we would really like to know that you are ok.


Try medical marijuana. It'll help.


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