Im showing nothing in my bloods nothing at all mri on ankle showing nothing but it hurts like mad now giving way on inside knee not hurting in a morning till i try to walk on it teeth have been taken out at back last wed What a job that was nearly took my jaw off with nothing to get hold off mouth still sore and inflamed. i go see the pain clinic on 29 but dont know what these guys do ive herd they just talk and do nothing. mean while the surgion is going to go in my knee for a look which im quite worried about as my foot with the big toe keeps getting blisters on it due to me pushing and walking on it for last 9 months.

last time mri said nothing wrong in knee showed up grade 1 pattella grade 3 medial crondial and acl streatched but i pulled all that back without half a knee job now everything has come back its amazing how put a leg and ankle out and it affects the rest of the body i have no rumi person now due to the cut probably at bury where i used to go so im on myself wondering if i can pull a knee back for the 4th time. and im getting verry board of not being active and doing the best i can cos people dont see the pain your in Im sure when i had this hernia opperation the dropped me on the floor taking me off the table.

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  • Have you tried taping your ankle to see if that helps? It's frustrating when they do scans etc and you know it's not going to show anything, why is the surgeon going to look at your knee, what does he suspect it to be? In the past it's been my spine out of alignment that has caused pain in my hip, knee and ankle. Another time it was my ankle that caused knee to hurt. ( I do have hypermobility syndrome) and from time to time the joints slip out of place which causes inflammation.

    Hope it doesn't feel too bad over Christmas

  • Believe it or not, my shoes were the culprit. I paid fancy money for fancy, poor advice. "You pronate blah, blah, blah -now this shoe has the SUPPORT you need. Hundreds of dollars later and over time, the shoes went to charity and were replaced with shoes with no support and a flexable sole. This was through a follower of the Egosuque(pn) Method. Amazing. My shoes were throwing out my right knee and that knee was affecting the left hip. I was on crutches. Put on the new shoes and after one day walked unaided for a little under five miles. Put on a pair of the "supportive" shoes for a test and within two hours was back to knee and hip pain. Interesting! I now have five pair of the minimalist shoes! Merry Christmas and much discovery to you in the new year.

  • Thank goodness you found the solution without having to have an invasion of the knee. 😀

    Happy Christmas x

  • Yes and I hope this all works for you. We are all different. Sometimes things are simple and sometimes not. Love and 🤗

  • no they are going in it chris they have been in their once before 4 yers ago see above reply

  • hi 4373 ive got insoles made for me but they make my foot well feel worse the lower i am to the ground the better but my feet do feel cold then somtimes red hot i dont understaqn that either.

  • We're all different! And I do think your clime is normally colder and damper than mine. Hope this coming year answers questions for all of us. Hubby and I just recovering from a nasty

    bronchitis. Spent Christmas in bed so hope that is it for a long time. Happy and Healthier New Year to all.

  • hi chris 4 years ago they said nothing wrong in it when they whent in they found acl stretched medial grondial grade 3 pattela grade1 but they never offered me half a knee i seemed to pull it all back even though phisio said i need half a knee and has been ok up to 9 months ago now i got big toe with chill blane or somthing rotting on end. you weould be better off with a broken arm. the more i walk on it the worse it can feel like wants to give way but it could be comming from the knee. i also have had lumps on my fingers come up that are not sore but happened last time so im thinking their is some imune system in with this lot some how and it all started off with a rupture opperation 8 weeks before. i also feel cos its been that long that im walking over on the opposite leg more and one feels longer than the other if that maakes any sence chris at 66 im not heling like i used to.

  • Hi minka

    Sorry I've just looked at the posts and realised it wasnt you posting about the insoles!!

    Is it possible you have more than one thing going on?

    What sort of consultant are you seeing? I wonder if it would be worth seeing someone who can look at your bloods. I find I have to see various consultants for whatever is causing the problem.

    When my cousin had her patella crumble, she had a rod put in her leg? But I guess it depends on what they think is causing it.

    I know what you mean, about age and healing. Everything began to go downhill after my fifties but now in my sixties, I'm hoping its all going to stay stable.

    I hope you get some answers soon. Let's hope 2017 is good to you.

  • blue toes this morning and keep getting it im getting worried they say ankle ok i say not

    also chill blanes on big toe

  • Hi minka, it does sound like you have more than one thing going on. Have you asked your GP to refer you back to rheumatology for a second opinion? Chilblains could be raynaulds. Auto immune disease tends to overlap each other. It could also be something to do with neuropathy. What ever it is, it isn't normal and needs getting to the bottom of. I can't think why pain clinic would help?!

  • Hi hon know how u feel. Keep fighting to see someone. As for pain clinic u get out of it something if u ask questions they may b able to help u with referral etc but if u don't ask things n use it productivly then u may not get anything out of it and I always think they are different every place u go

  • pain clink a waste of time only wanted to give injection into ankle and knee now big toe cold sores on it ankle and knee still hurt and im getting right fed up with them been podiatry yesterday and walk in centre first They say have which have you come with foot ankle or knee we cant do xrays WELL HECK if your leg was hanging off we cant anoly look at one thing.

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