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Rhuematology update good news

Hello guys just an update in my rhuematology appointment. I got transferd from Bridgend to swansea as travelling from swansea to Bridgend was a pain now I am in my home town yay. Anyway I went to my Appointment and got toled my lupus is stable. But lately it don't feel like it has. Wrote down all my symptoms I have been having and they are all related including my bloated stomach feeling sick and having a hell of a lot of pain with my bowel movement it feels like I'm being stabbed with a knife when I go and after I get shooting pains and find it hard to sit comfortably. Do anyone eles suffer this? He has put me on fultium-D3 as everyone with lupus lack in vitamin D they are on prescription as over the counter vitamins is not as strong as these. Had more blood tests done also if they come back high he will change my medication hoping they are ok. The hydroxychloroquine is helping with my symptoms but not as much as I would like it to. Even tho my results came back last time I was stable but it certainly don't feel like it. Here are the medication I am on is anyone taking these to? Hydroxychloroquine, Co-codamol, naproxen, metoclopramide. Lansoprazole, cinnarizine, fultium-D3, Eumovate cream, peptac, symbicort turbohaler and bricanyl turbohaler. Sorry for the long post guys.

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Hey Only Started Reading Your Post Last Nite glad there's some update and news )


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