Magic word "remission"

Just home from the renal clinic where I was given the fabtastic news that my meds seem to be working and my lovely friend lupus is beginning to go into remission. Tests are showing protein levels have come right down and blood tests are all coming back fine except potassium level is very low so have been given permission to eat lots of chocolate! Steroids have been reduced to 15mg but reduction will now slow down so still on them for next couple of months so my moon face will just have to remain. Also been told on mycophenolate for next couple of years but that's ok. Only down side is beginning to feel very sore all over as steroids are being reduced and can't take antiflammatories so popping paracetamol instead.

Hopefully this good news will carry on and fingers crossed I'm on the mend. I only wish everyone could get good news about their lupus too.

Take care everyone and keep smiling!

Sharon xx


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13 Replies

  • Hi Sharon

    Thats great news, it always gives me a boost when I hear such good news, keeping all my fingers crossed for you x :)

  • Thanks Bettie. I know I have long way to go but it's a step in the right direction. Take care x

  • Brilliant news Lucyloo! Enjoy the chocolate :):) X

  • Thanks Suzy. Can't wait for chocolate. Ordered a whole lot from choccywoccydoodah last week and it arrived at my work today. Unfortunately I wasn't there but I'll be in nice and early tomorrow! Take care

    Sharon x

  • Brilliant news ! I know that even with a very slow withdrawal of steriods, the pain can be pretty horrid. Hopefully, it settles down for you soon.


  • Thanks flutterby. Dreading coming down even more but it has to be done. Back at rheumy in a fortnight so will see what she suggests. Haven't seen her since being diagnosed as renal doc been dealing with me and they've just been talking to each other. Got loads paracetamol in preparation! Take care.

    Sharon x

  • Great news!!! Bananas are full of potassium. Here's a good recipe for you -

    Peel two bananas and lay across some tin foil - enough to wrap them in.

    Split them in half lengthways and stuff with your favourite chocolate.

    Wrap in the foil.

    Bake in a moderate oven for about 15mins.

    Remove foil and serve with double cream!!

    Eat regularly and your potassium will get higher - so might your weight tho!!


    Helen x

  • What a fantastic sounding recipe! Think I might have to try it with my bannoffe chocolate bar! Have been eating bananas, oranges and peaches and away to start on baked tatties but will have to watch as already put a stone on with the steroids which doesn't help the confidence any! Take care.

    Sharon x

  • hi sharon so please for you big hug keep going beth!!!!!

  • That's great news Sharon :) nice to hear someone's going in the right direction. Enjoy all the chocolate! Makin me hungry all these posts :D.. Take care x

  • That's great news, and I hope it continues to go go well, eat the chocolate, and just buy some baggy jumpers :) Have a great day, take care, Mandy x

  • Thats good news Sharon. Hope it keeps moving in the right direction. Take care.xx

  • Do you feel depreesed after remission ?

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