Hello from Slovakia again! (Help for SLE2)

Hello from Slovakia again! (Help for SLE2)

Hello from Slovakia again!

I am writting you because of my science work about SLE and now I have more informations about what I need to help.

If you forgot/dont know I am a young student of Medical laboratory scientist and I am interested in disease of SLE. Now I'm going to work on my final science work. I would like to do a research about how are the results of people who found this disease and then results when they are treating. Then this would be also about the laboratory results of the comparison of the Slovak Republic and the UK or maybe why is the country's lower incidence of disease...

So if this is possible and you would be willing to help me, I would need the values of these antibodies:

ANA, anti-dsDNA, Anti-histone antibodies, LA, anti-Sm....but if it is not possible to have these values I will be happy if you sent me the ones you can get and then I can my work reword. (Maybe whether you have increased sedimentation, Anemia, Leukopenia Lymphopenia...but I need the values)

I would be very pleased, happy, excited.. if you helped me. :))

In our country, doctors often do not know about this disease (or they do not mind) and because of it disease is diagnosed only at a later stage...

So if you want to help me, you will not understand something about it, want to know something about it, please write me to my email dencana92@gmail.com.

I hope your help.

Best wishes. :) :)


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7 Replies

  • Hi Denisa I have sent you and email.

  • Hello Johare. I am so happy that you wrote me, I trusted you! :) BUT! I dont know where is a problem, but no mail came to me.. :(

    I looked everywhere.

    Even if it did not get into spam..but nothing. :( If you dont mind, I could write to you on your mail and you answered with that mail... Oh, I´m so sorry I dont know what is bad :(

  • Yes had it returned unsent. I will try again.

  • Did you receive it.

  • It came!!! :) :) Thanks!

    I'll send you my answer in a moment. :)

  • Hi Denisa, I don't have these values at the moment, I would have to get them from my doctor when I go to see her. Can you let me know, what is your deadline, please.

  • Hello! :) I'm so grateful that you want to help me! 😊

    I need this informations by the end of July or in mid-August.

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