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Back on the road! DVLA said I can drive again!


Just wanted to share some good news with you all! I had my licence revoked last June due to neurological investigations. It’s now all sorted, so I can drive again! Yay! Thanks to everyone here who provided guidance and support re: the DVLA, it’s been a long 6 months! Thought I’d post this pic of me driving my pony 38 years ago, Mum up beside me on the box seat, out for a picnic in the sunshine, happy days....😃

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Love the pic Hw ♥️



Love and prayers sweetie.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Thanks so much EJ - your love and prayers do the trick! 💕🙏👍🤗😘🤗

I remember the sense of relief!!

Horsewhisper in reply to PMRpro

Such a great feeling! Never thought I would get so excited to receive a brown window envelope from a government department! Thanks so much for your support Pro, always gratefully received xx

PMRpro in reply to Horsewhisper

The most irritating thing for me was still having to wait - the letter from them was only valid in the UK and I was in Italy at the time with the drive back to deal with. I think it is the only time OH has driven the entire way himself except when we brought a trailer of furniture over.

Brill HW really pleased for speeding 🤣 🚙💨 xxxx

🤣 💃🏼 oh yes! Must be careful! And remember the difference between the brake and accelerator pedals 🤦‍♀️!!!😘

Dont forget forward and reverse is different too lol.oh and we still drive on the left 🤭..... xx


This photo is so uplifting! Happy for you that you are driving again! 😀

Horsewhisper in reply to KayHimm

Thanks Kay! Glad you enjoyed the pic - I can hear the clip-clop of hooves and the creak of harness leather! 😘

Oh that really is good news. What a huge relief for you. I love the photo, such lovely memories ❤️🐴 xxx

Thanks CP! I take all the good news I can get these days!!🤗😘🤗

Hip hip hooray!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎶Celebrate good times...COME ON!! 🎶Whoop whoop!!

Can u tell I'm very very happy for u HW? 😹🙌

It's been a long old six months but your stoicism n patience has paid off!! Congratulations..let's dance!! 💃💃That's a lovely pic too..carefree pony trapping!!

U go easy now..we don't want u on a speeding course anytime soon!! 🌈😽😽Xx

Yay! 👍🥳Well we’re both going mobile KK with your Motability scheme and me back “behind the wheel of my large automobile!” (Talking Heads remember?!) very happy indeed and thanks as always for your upbeat wishes! I need to ease off the gas as I’ve already been on one of those courses!! 😱Take care and big hugs 🐎 🚗 🤗🤗😘

😹 of course I remember Talking Heads!! In my case it's "And u may ask yourself..How did I get here?" 😹🌈😽😽Xx

I’m often asking myself that!! But don’t seem to get any answers! 😂 “Same as it ever was”!! 🤗😘🤗

😹😹😹hilarious!! Hang on that's not my beautiful house n that's not my beautiful wife!! 🌈😽😽Xx

😂😂😂where is that large automobile? Hope hubby hasn’t sold it ‘cos I’ve not been driving it!!!🤪🤦‍♀️🚗🤣

FANTASTIC news - am so pleased for you 🥰

Thanks so much SV! That’s very kind, I’m really chuffed! 😘🤗😘


Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾


Great picture of a carefree day! May you have more in the future. Try to keep all four wheels of the car solidly grooving on the road 😉


Great to hear from you D🏃‍♀️! Yes here’s to many more now that I am back behind the wheel! Hope you’re doing ok( 🐎🚗😘🤗😘

What a fantastic pic and brilliant news 🥳🥳.. so pleased for you 🚗. Some freedom back ! X

Thanks so much Tiggy - yeah freedom for sure! Was a bit weird getting back in the car for the first time - spatial awareness was a bit dodgy at first! 😱😝xx

Hehe !!! Mines not the best ! I tuck my mirrors in when something larger than a mini goes past me 😂.. love electric mirrors lol ! Xx

Yes me too - gives you that extra width! Well I managed to rip the electric wing mirror of my car by driving too close to a hedge that had this massive tree stump sticking out, I didn’t see it in time! Whoops! 😘

That is GREAT news HW! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Time to take to the road again like Mr Toad!👍🏻👍🏻 What a lovely picture from the past and a lovely story to go with it. 😍 Fond memories to warm you on a cold winter’s day. 🥰 Have fun driving again! 🤗😘x

Yay Spotty! That’ll be me - messing about in the car! 😂 Toot Toot! Yes lovely memories of being on the road on another form of transport! Thanks for your good wishes 🤗😘🤗

That is great news. Happy motoring🤗


👍👍👍👌🙌🏻👌🙏 yay that’s great news , it must be such a relief, driving can be a taken for granted until it’s at risk can’t it. Love the pic too sounds like some great memories. 😍Sorry I’m late to it as usual but that’s great news hw👍👍🙏😘🤗xx

Horsewhisper in reply to stiff19

Indeed! I felt quite stranded initially! It was weird at not having the freedom to jump in the car, but it was made a bit easier what with lockdowns and not being able to go out anyway! Happy memories looking through a pair of forward pointing furry brown ears! Thanks for your kind wishes Stiff, always appreciated 🙏👍😘🤗😘

Well done! I’m so pleased for you xxx

Horsewhisper in reply to Meg52

Thank you Meg! 😘

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