Rib Pain

It started just this morning i took the usual medication and a painkiller just for the pain but no such luck. Its just abit down from underneath my breast, will hurt when i breath, if i sit (i slouch when i sit) so hurts more. Not only that if i apply pressure to both sides it seems tender to touch so is quite painful upon pressure to the area. I have been exercising to tone up my body and some does involve working up the abs area i dont no if that can affect the ribs, also my bra i like to keep on the third setting so it doesnt fall down or anything i dont no if that has anything to do with it its just started this morning. Has anyone got any ideas of what the problem might just be? Thank you


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  • Hi, In the past I have suffered with Costochondritis which is an inflammation of the cartilage that attaches the ribs to the breastbone. I don't know if it's that with you but perhaps worth thinking about or asking your GP.

  • m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/s...

    Please have a look at this and scroll through the screens. I too have had this after having pluerisy and it answered my question. Also, please see your GP just to be on the safe side. Hope you're feeling better soon, take care x

  • I have costochontritis pretty well all the time. Feels like that. Uncomfortable but not dangerous x

  • I have constochondroitis too, causes awful pain in ribs, including when breathing (unavoidable i'm afraid) or sitting. Maybe look at the symptoms for this and see if they fit, but certainly tell your GP.

    all the best x

  • Sounds like costochondritis - very common in lupies, although doctors don't always recognise it as such. That tenderness to pressure is exactly what I have.

    Best to get it checked it out to be on the safe side, but after that it seems something we just have to live with. I do find a little bit of gentle Pilates stretching helps. xx

  • Thank you all for replying the costochondritis does it come on all the time because today it seems to have gone away, and my mum was just saying i pulled a muscle form doing to much exercise.

    Marypw - thank you for the advice on doing the pilates i do include that in my exercise as well its quite gentle and doesnt tire me out to much.


  • Hmmmm - this does seem to be very common for loopies. As it's something new to you and you've got pain when breathing, I would in the first instance get checked out by a doctor to rule out anything acute going on - there are various things that can cause this type of pain so I'm not going to second-guess what you have (I'm a terrible one for Dr Google with the odd symptoms we get and usually manage to frighten myself to death most of the time!)

    I wrote about something similar a few months back and I have to say that I've still got the dull ache there and soreness around the ribs - it's not as sharp as it was to start with but it's definitely not gone away. The docs don't seem to be interested in helping - I was told to see an osteopath which I have done but it hasn't made any difference to this pain/ache around the breast and ribcage area. It's kind of reassuring to know that there are others out there with the same problem and it's not just me going mad - I do wonder at times if I just have a very low pain threshold or even if my body is set to remember the pain pathways even though the original source of the pain or inflammation has gone.

    Anyway, Metoyou - I would first get yourself to your GP to make sure it's not pleurisy/pleuritis/PE/pericarditis etc etc etc - if it's not anything that your GP can identify, then try using a heat pad/hot water bottle and resting over the next few days and see if the pain subsides. I now very rarely wear a bra as I do think that was aggravating the whole area - I'm lucky that I don't have very large breasts so it's not really an issue.

    I hope the pain disappears and you're not left with this residual niggling pain that seems to occur with so many of us!

    Lucy x

  • Hi I have this too and as LucyLocket suggests GP not interested. I use a heat pad when it is really bad and now only wear a bra if I go out ( which is not often theses days) But do get checked out to make sure it's nothing that needs treatment.

    Glad to learn I am not the only one or going mad ! Hope you feel better soon.

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