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PIP claim questions!

Hiya guys

I know a few people have asked about PIP. But I have a few questions if you don't mind.

I am considering to apply but I am not sure if they would accept me. I am suffering from lupus, Sjogrens, vit b12 deficiency and fibromyalgia. I have only been on treatment for a month yet. Would I qualify?

Iv worked for years but I left due to having two girls a year apart. I would like to work again but with all this I struggle to be a mum and housewife I don't think I can handle work. Would this go against me?

Also my hubby is working. Would his pay affect me claiming?

Feeling a bit low and hopeless at the mo. Going through such a flare my bones and joints ache. Just can't think straight so thought I'd ask my lupie buddies.

Thank you x

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Hi there, I'm not sure what the criteria for the new PIP is, it may be similar to the old DLA wherein you needed to be 'unwell' for at least 6 months before applying, it sounds as though this is the case.

It may be best to make a telephone call and ask for an application pack, fill it in as honestly as you can, and don't be too proud to state how this illness affects you on a daily basis.

I don't believe your husbands income would affect this benefit, but like I say, make a claim, you've nothing to lose.

Take care, it must be really difficult to manage your health with little one's to run around after.


Thanks for your response. I took the plunge and called them today now it's a wait to see if they send me the form or a phone call for more information. Let's hope it goes ok for me feeling anxious.


LUPUS UK have a range of publications produced by an external organisation - Benefits & Work. The informative guides cover a range of issues relating to disability and benefits. These guides are available free of charge to Members of LUPUS UK upon request. lupusuk.org.uk/living-with-...


If your lupus nurse or rhemotologist

fills it in it is better.


Hi, have you thought about applying for ESA as well as PIP. I'm not sure if its income based or not but could be worth asking. Also you say you have children but not how old they are. They might even if you don't get pip be entitled to join your local young carers group. My boys joined when they turned 6 and get to do thing that otherwise they would miss out on. Ours is run my Barnardos but your GP or local council should be able to give you a contact number.


Hi my girls are little yet 2 and 1. I have not looked into ESA I will do thanks x


Hi all

I applied for PIP (have numerous conditions as we all do lol). I went for the ATOS face to face consultation last week. I just wanted to let u know that PIP is NOT income based and some people still work and claim PIP. BUT esa IS income based so it does depend if u have a partner with an income - it can affect if u r entilted. When applying for PIP the intial claim is started over the phone - name. dob. bank details. Gp details. consultant details. conditions. The phone call takes around 15-20 mins. The process takes quite a while. they will check if u meet the criteria. if u do they send u a form to fill in - u can get help to fill it in but in most cases ur consultant or doc will not fill it in for u as it is a form about how your illness affects u and only u really know how u feel daily. send as much evidence as possible drs letters etc. they usually write to ur consultant anyway. like i said it takes ages. i started mine in june and only went for ATOS consultation last week. good luck. Hope i have helped. if u need any advice u know where i am. love esky xxx


Thank you so much for your reply. I am now awaiting my forms and will fill in asap. How was the face to face assessment? Will they now write to you with a decision?


Hi Annie

I was very nervous about the face to face bit. but really it wasnt that bad. they didnt ask me too many questions. he asked me about how i manage day to day. how far i can walk. what conditions i have and what meds i am on. he asked why alot so that u go into as much detail as possible. the more detail the better as it explains to them how u r affected. he asked me to do some movements, but if u cannot manage them u dont have to do them but need to explain why. in my case i couldnt bend down or crouch - i need a crutch at all times - bad mobility and poor balance. i took my mum with me as she goes to all my appointmets with me as i get lupus fog (which i call braib farts lol). It helps to have a family member with u for support u can take someone with u. just dont let them tell u how u feel and what u can do coz they dont know how u feel. my mum also doesnt take prisoners which helped she put him in his place lol. 18 months ago i was doing zumba twice a week swimming lengths running the lot. now i cant get get out of a chair unaided - she told him u dont "get" sle until u get it!! His face was a picture lol. support is definately needed as i did get upset because it has changed my life completely. but hey thats lupus. as for the decision - it is not the ATOS consultants decision it is upto the decision maker at the dwp - who has NO medical training (that is why u need as much evidence as poss to help support ur claim). I should receive a letter in the next 2-4 weeks. so fingers crossed. will let u know. Take care. if u need any help let me know. love esky xxx

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My illness came after I got an infection from a c-section so I had newborn twins and diagnosed with lupus when they were 6 months old. My GP referred me (not the children) to social services to see what help we could get for me but also the boys. We were referred to something called Home Start which is a volunteer scheme that gets people to come to your house and help with the children so many hours a week. It was great for us as it meant that my husband could cook and I could sleep without having to worry about the boys whilst they had somebody to sit and play with them. They also did days out for the family and volunteers. They could also help you with other things as well. You have to be referred and then they will come out and see you. As your girls are still young this would cover them as its up until age 4 I think. It sounds like we have a quite similar situation and if you would like to message me direct you are welcome to. Best wishes Helen


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