PIP application -ATOS consultation required - seriously anxious

Hello everyone

I am sorry to ask but I am seriously panicking as I don't know what to expect. I applied for PIP back in June. I received a letter the other day saying that I have to have an ATOS consultation. This is really making me panic as I don't know what to expect and have heard that ATOS are very hard core. I did request a home visit on my application, but they are sending me to a building near my city centre, which is not far and which I have already checked to see if they have a lift which they thankfully do.

I am just extremely stressed and worried I don't know what to expect and how much this person is going to understand my conditions. It says on the letter that I can ring them. I am too nervous to do this as I get a lot of brain fog and get my words jumbled. I was concerned when I found out that I had to go to them instead of a home visit. Is that standard procedure?

Totally stressed. Feel crappy enough without this hanging over me. My mum is going with me as I can't manage on my own. Feel like I want to give in really worried. I'm waiting to start Methotrexate -next month as my current meds not working enough. Just don't know what to think. I just can't carry on like this - I pray for just one day without feeling rubbish. Had enough!!

If anyone has any advice as would really appreciate any help feel like I'm going crazy.

Thanks, best wishes and love to u all

Esky xx

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  • Arh bless I know how you must feel, I have been on disability living most of my life but not had that dreaded letter switching over yet. I really do sympathise as heard quite a lot about it all. Please don't worry too much Esky you can only tell the truth about your illness & how you feel every day. I know everyday is a struggle, just getting out of bed & dressing it's hard work. They just don't seem to understand. Please let me know how you get on, will keep my fingers & toes crossed for you. God bless stay strong x

  • Thank u tremarel i will. xxx

  • Is there anyone that can be like an advocate for you? Maybe ask at a place that deals with peoples rights...whatever that would be???

  • I would make sure you let them know how long it takes you to get to the appointment and amplify what a struggle it has been as soon as you get there. Remember it is a functional ability test and not an actual examination. This means it tests your ability to function in a work situation. I understand ATOS are not that keen on doing home visits, possibly because you are on home ground. However if you still wish to have one and let them know, they will probably tell you that you require a doctors letter supporting this request. Therefore, if you do feel you would be unable to travel to work in an ordinary way, it might go in your favour to be firm on a home visit for that reason, if your doctor will support one. Do not forget that that they may ask you to undertake certain movements which may cause you pain at the time or later and you are entitled to refuse this request, as long as you give them a reason for doing so. Do not be scared, look up all the information and advice you can about visits on the internet, there's lots about, then you will be prepared.Good luck.

  • Thank u all for ur advice. will let u know how it goes :-$

  • pip is an accessment of "everyday" function NOT if or how you can function in the work place (thats a "same" separate medical by same people)

  • Sorry,my mistake.

  • I've had two assessments with atos and both times they have concluded I am fit to work. I've appealed both times and won. My gp supports me fully and if they go for a medical report your doctor will back you with everything you've got wrong with you.it might just take longer but your money will be back dated. Atos have a bad name but eventually you get what you're entitled to. Good luck x

  • Thank u for your reply ralphie55 x

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