can I apply for DLA

I have had lupus for over 30 years and never claimed anything, worked full time until two years ago, and I know I was very lucky to be able to do so. However, since retiring I am finding there are increasing many things I cant do. Driving can be very difficult with painful hands and shoulders, cant carry shopping, housework takes forever as I have to keep stopping for a rest. Cant climb in and out of the bath, so we paid to have a shower put in instead, cost a fortune but well worth it for me, we are not rich by any means hubby still works. I am wondering if I will need further changes at home, can I claim some help?? or do we need to spend our little savings.

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  • Hi Juneybells what you describe is enough grounds for Dla. When you fill in the application focus on how the illness effects your daily life. A lot of people make the mistake on focusing on the illness and not the effect it has on today to day life.Before you apply check this web site out You will have to subscribe to it I think its £20 yearly but that will be the best 20 quit you ever spend.It shows you how to fill up the form what to say. Hope this helps and all the best.

  • Thanks I will check out that site and maybe have a word with my gp see I he will support any claim I make

  • If you are a member of the charity LUPUS UK they have a range of publications produced by Benefits & Work. These guides are available free of charge to Members of LUPUS UK upon request. If you are a member and require a guide, please email requesting the guide(s) you'd like to receive.

    For more info about Lupus UK see there site

  • Thanks I will take a look and email Paul x

  • Also, medical support goes a long way too. Any letters from your GP, rheumy or occupational therapist would be great. By the way, have you thought of applying for a blue badge too if you are struggling in this way?

  • Hi Slowmo, no didn't think of applying for a blue badge because I gave up my car as it was just sat on the drive just a wasteof money, started using buses instead and if I really need a car then either hubby or my daughter drives me x

  • get cab to fill it in with u they know how to word things.. then if u get PIP apply for blue badge after. when u phone for PIP form if its grantedpayment is back dated to the date u phoned


  • Isn't pip for people who can work? I'm retired and on a pension so not sure if I can get that, was thinking of dla or are they the same thing, its very confusing

  • PIP replaced DLA in April its worth trying

  • pip has replaced dla .its worth a try


  • Thanks I have phoned to apply, they are sending a form, fingers crossed

  • Hi, I have had to go through an 18 battle with DLA , but won. I would suggest getting help filling the form in. My local citizen advise was brill and wish I had gone to them at the beginning . It is good to have the support as it is a stressful process . Good luck

  • Thanks I am waiting for the form and will then go to cab to make sure I get it right x

  • Please get in touch with your occupational therapist in your local area. Mine is wonderful. They can provide lots of practical advice and support. I have had lots of Aids for round the house: grab rails in the bath, a perch for in the kitchen, extra bannister on the stairs. Also I had a letter of support from her. I now have high rate dla. Hope this helps xx

  • Never thought of that even if I don't get pip they will have some good ideas to make day to day living better. Thanks

  • Hi As all ready mentioned above try and send as much medical evidence as possible i have had lupus for over 25 years and have had to fight every time for DLA i have been awarded it for life now but that is not quite true as PIP has replaced DLA and have now been told nobody will transfer straight on to it so will have to go through it all around 2015 they now say , does not make any sense to me life should mean life i have been told i will never work again plus as each year goes by i am getting worse i take over 26 different medication with quite a few side affects, But i just have to keep battling through, anyway good luck with your forms try and get as much help as possible filling them in , take care keep well xx

  • Thanks for all the advice, even though I have had lupus for over 30 years I have never claimed anything before sounds like I will have a fight to get anything but I will give it a go. Will let you all know how I will get on.

  • Hi, Citizens Advice (CAB) will come to your home to help fill in the form. Do not attempt to fill it in without their help. I supported my application with a very well written letter from my GP and letter from Lupus UK. I was awarded it. I was also awarded a Blue Badge when I applied. Even if you are not driving now the badge can be used in another car if you are a passenger. That may help you with less walking and prevent you from getting too exhausted. Good Luck.

  • Thanks I will certainly get help from cab have an appointment later this week with my gp and will ask for his support.

  • For sure ask your GP but letters from your consultant are even better. When you go to CAB take the letters with you and ask for help choosing which ones to include with your claim. Photocopy the letters and your claim before you send them. DWP will keep them and its good to have copies in case you want to appeal the decision or make anothter claim at a later date.

  • Thanks I have two years of letters from consultants to my gp will these be okay ?

  • I had my medical assessment in sept, I have had lupus for 13 years and have had really bad flares . I never did anything about claiming for it , till July last year. .I don't know when they are getting round to responding but I live in hope that I get something as life is hard for me and my son ! I only work 20 hours and that kills me ! I have no spare money so when I have a good day I cant afford to treat him to pizza hut or something ! I also don't think these people who work for dwp know what we go through ! Only we do x

  • Hi sorry to hear your suffering its horrible to have to struggle with lupus without cash problems as well. Have you chased them 5 months seams a long time to wait for an answer. I got turned down to be honest I wasn't surprised because I was on a good day for my assessment. I have appealed and am like you just waiting.

    Hope you hear soon.


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