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My ESA has stopped because of i have used 365 days but i have the tribunal in my favour

I have been put in the able to work group but i cant because i have been signed off sick for the past 2yrs ish with lupus and dystonia etc.

what am i supposed to do we are lucky enough to not qualify for income related so i cant join job seekers so i have to go back to tribunal to ask to be put into support group because thats the only avenue i worked for 15 years before sucoming to the illness and now i feel that i and allot of others are slowley being sent mad by going round in circles and filling in forms to get no where because the goverment keep moving the goal posts. HELP sorry for the moan anyother ideas...

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Please check out my blog post about ESA and what it means to be in the work related activity group because it explains how to appeal - especially what you need to do to have a chance of success at appeal. Good luck


Hi, mine has just come to an end too . You may be entitled to jsa on contribution s basis for 6 months . I have just got this and MIT ESA only ended this week. Good luck with your appeal.


Hi, I'm the same as you. Not well enough to work but not sick enough to be put in the support group, according to DWP, and don't qualify for income related help. Very convenient, don't you think. It's just the government's way of making their figures look good. Do they not realise that there is no cure for lupus and the treatments do not work for everyone and even if they do, they rarely come without any side effects. Rant over. Wishing you all the best with your tribunal.


Thank you for your rant I was having a bad day when i had my rant and i think you need to get things off your chest, they honestly make you feel worthless not quite good enough for anything.

I am lucky that my husband works and he is my carer but the things i struggle with is the extra costs of things to make your life easier like i have a secondhand road scooter so i can get to the local shop but that was still £1000 with insurance. I dont think DWP/ Job center plus have a clue that having my scooter means on a good day i can be out by myself for an hour and if there was a suitable job i could do i would love too but as i was told at the job center that companies dont have to hire people with disablilities anymore and there is no support to fit the job round your requirements so why in heavens name would an employer hire me over a 18-25 with no health problems. I feel completely let down by everyone who should be there to help you when you need it most...... and i do think ATOS has a bloody cheek to be sponsoring the paralympics......

Sorry ranting again, all the best to you.


keep appealing. dont let it go what ever you do!

speak to someone at your local c.a.b. they can help you with paprr work.


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