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We're seeking case studies for our Lupus Awareness Month press release. Can you help? ***Now Closed***

***We have now found a suitable story for the release. Thank you to everybody that volunteered to help.***

We're currently finishing off our press release for Lupus Awareness Month in October. We're looking for a couple of brief case studies to add to the release, preferably from people that would be willing to be interviewed should there be any interest.

We're focussing on the difficulties many people with lupus face when trying to get diagnosed. If you have lupus, had a difficult time getting a diagnosis and you're willing to share your story, please email me at

I will need your name, home town, age and contact telephone number. Please submit a summary of your story. I will let you know if we are interested in including your story. Please specify if you would be happy being interviewed by journalists for possible publication.

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hi paul, not sure if you would be interested in my case however it took 12 years to diagnoise, i was told i was going through my change at 32, then they said i was depressed and put on meds, the rashes they told me was my washing powder and my hair loss apperently was due to a perm i had !!!!i had never heard of lupus until biopsys we taken of my skin and scalp ,i have inboxed you my details


Thanks KittyKat68. I'll take a look at your inbox message.


Paul, have emailed. x


Great. Thank you Karen.


im not fully diagnosed yet but if it is lupus ive had it for years and never got the right diagnosis

might be good to follow me in my quest for my crap feeling life . waiting to see rehumatologist after bloods suggesting lupus as an explanation for my bone joint muscle pains ive feel ive had growing pains all my life .and doctors who dont seem to listen when you say im tired stress and in pain most of the time


Hi Paul I have messaged you. I have been diagnosed for 7 years now but was having problems which I now think was lupus related since at least 21-22 . I get different diagnosis and conditions/problems all the time. Lupus seems like an endless topic with a lot of missing answers. Just when you think you are getting things under control lupus throws a curve ball and sends things spiralling .


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