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Candis magazine are looking for lupus patients to interview ***APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED***

***Please note that applications are now closed. Thank you to everybody that expressed an interest in taking part***

We’ve just been approached by Candis magazine, who are looking to do a feature on living with lupus. They are looking for a couple of people to interview and then to publish one story.

The telephone interview would take place late this week or early next week and would be approximately 30-60 minutes long.

They are looking for somebody that fits the following criteria;

•The person must be female

•The person must be in their 30’s or early 40’s

•The person must have been diagnosed with lupus at least 1-2 years ago

•The person must have a photo that they can provide, which would accompany the article.

If you match the above criteria and you’re interested in putting yourself forward, then please send an email to with your full name, telephone number and a short paragraph or two about yourself. Please also attach the photo of yourself. Only a couple of people are needed so there is no guarantee that you’ll be chosen, and there is no guarantee that your story will be published.

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Am over 60 but,I do suffer with Lupus.Does that mean we don't count at that age?Just a question,not an accusation.


Unfortunately, that is often the nature of these media stories. They look for somebody very particular to suit their needs. This example is for somebody aged 30-40 but at other times it may people under 20 or people over 50. It all depends on what the publisher is looking for I'm afraid. We get this every time,


I have been in agony with what I call my body toothache pains.I went out last night but,had to come home because the pain was so distracting.Had been taking my co-codamol 2 x 500mg but,they only just touched the pain.It was the pains in my legs that were especially distracting.I could walk and my leg's did not hurt to the touch but,oh the distraction.I can only call my GP for an appointment from 10am on Friday's for the following week and to try and forward my reumatology appointment is a nightmare.Oh,for a walk in clinic.The pain has finally eased but,I am not sure if that is because I am so dosed-up on co-codamol.As per usual am going through the process of 'what on earth set this off'.


I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time again.

I'm glad that your pain has eased, I hope that it will continue to do so. Let's hope that you get back to your GP promptly to get to the bottom of it.

Take care.


Hi Paul,i am glad to have bumped into this and would be most definitely interested as i meet the required criteria. Hope the applications have not been closed. Regards,Lilian


Hi Lilian, very sorry but the applications are closed now. I forgot to put a note on here saying so. Please keep an eye open on our blog though, because if we have more similar opportunities in the future, we'll advertise them on here.


Hi Paul,thank you for your reply. I will keep an eye on the posts,lilian.


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