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I have been on this site for some time but haven't posted in a while. Just felt I needed to share my latest experience with you.

Three weeks ago, I was blue lighted to A & E with unbelievable back pain and headache. The ambulance crew felt that I had a kidney stone and gave me gas and air on the way in. When I got to A&E, I was taken through to majors and basically ignored. I was begging for pain relief, even the gas and air that I had but they said I could have nothing until doc had seen me. After two hours they gave me some oramorph. This did absolutely nothing to ease the pain, cannot describe how bad it was. After another two hours, doc examined me and diagnosed kidney stone and immediately gave me IV Morphine, it was wonderful!!!!, pain eased within two minutes. I was taken to a ward, a short while later I passed the stone, but had a CT to see if there was another, which there wasn't but had a nasty kidney infection. I was given IV antiobiotics for 3 days then sent home with antibiotic tablets. Unfortunately while I was on the ward they seemed to have an aversion giving me all my Lupus and Hughes meds, so ended up with certain withdrawel from some of them which really did not help with everything else. Had to go to my GP following day to get my INR checked but felt really awful when I go up next morning, really severe headache. Went down to surgery and doc examined me and again was blue lighted into hospital with suspected meningitis. Had to go straight to AMU and was put on IV antibiotics and antivirals because they were not sure which type of meningitis I had. Could not do a lumbar puncture because my INR was 4.2, so had to wait a couple of days for it to come down (they could also have given me Vit K to expediate this was no one did). Had lumbar puncture after 3 days and it was confirmed as Viral meningitis. Meds stopped because no point, came home and am just taking it easy to get over it now. Feeling very tired and headachy but ok.

People go on about how bad NHS hospitals are now and I never really believed it, having worked as a nurse until my ill health retirement just over a year ago, but I'm afraid I do now, cannot defend the treatment I received, was horrified. Just hope my elderly parents never have to go into hospital, cos I do not think they would come out. Sorry but that's how I feel.

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I had very much the same with the hospital I was in. I had major spine surgery (8 hr opp.) to insert 2 rods held together by nuts and bolts. I was in for over two weeks and they never washed me, it was not 'till the last day when an old nurse was called in to help with the staff shortage that I got a wash. She was disgusted as how I had been left and went straight to the Doctor and complained. They took All my meds off me and put me on cheaper versions and I did not get my own meds to go home with. They kept trying to make me have my steroids and Naproxin Before my food am I just refused - we should Not have to tell nurses what tablets we can't take before food - they should listen to us or read the B.... labels. So your experiance sadly does not surprise me.

I do hope you are now on the


Ye xs, am on the mend, just really tired and bit headachy. Need to get my INR sorted to.


Hi sue, bless you thats sounds horrific what you have had to go through i wish you a fast recovery from the viral meningitus get well soon, lupus is bad enough on its own without you having to contend with thats as well.


Hi Sue

What a horrific time you have had. I am so sorry to read about what you have gone through. I do hope you are on the mend and feeling better. Would it be worth writing a letter of complaint/concern? It is bad enough having lupus but having to deal with all the things you have on top is unbelievable. Why would they not give you all your normal meds? It makes you wonder where you are supposed to go to when you are very ill.

Wishing you a quick recovery and good health.x


I know what you mean, makes you wonder where the NHS is going to end up. I have seen it go downhill all the years I was working for them, but in the last couple of years it seems to be going downhill much faster.


did you get aciclovir.. I had suspected viral meningitis too in 2009/2010 was admitted to hospital for a week such bad headaches, had lumbar puncture


Well I think we have all gathered that the NHS in some areas is in a mess at the moment. The continual cutting of clinical jobs, higher demand and higher costs are only part of the problem and just some of the reasons. Several members on this site have worked within the NHS and are mainly horrified at the way things are going. However on a brighter note, one of my local hospitals has been one of those in the news lately for all the wrong reasons and a team was sent in to improve it. My goodness they have worked amazingly. Myself and a friend have both had reason to be taken there recently, and for both of us the clinical care was faultless AND it was delivered with compassion and kindness. So it shows it can be done and things can be turned around. It is such a shame that in these poor hospitals things need to deteriorate to such an extent before anything is done to rectify matters. It seems from the TV interviews this morning that Stafford has now improved considerably too, so now as a reward they are closing it down.........Hope you feel better soon Sue2803


Totally agree with all the above the NHS is a joke i spend a lot of time in there , Dont think it will get any better any time soon.

Hope your feeling better soon xx


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