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chest tightness at night and breathlessness


Over the last couple of months I have had central chest tightness and breathlessness,If I'm honest I had tried to ignore it until I went for a walk with my daughter and I had pain over my left breast,when I rested the pain eased and I was left with an ache,but it terrified me,I could no longer ignore it.I went to the hospital has an Echo,Stress Test,ECG,Bloods, all came back negative,so the doctor said the blood pressure in my lungs could be high putting pressure on my heart,so I am to have a catheterization,and I am very nervous,as I have had a lumbar puncture and end up in hospital for nearly 3 weeks(it went wrong leaking spinal fluid)every procedure it seems my body does not react well.Has anyone had anything similar!

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I've had something very similar to this and it's really scary at times. I've at the stress echo and that was negative, however an ECG did find some slight arythmias (sp?). I have to have a 24hour halter monitor in july and I'm hoping that this might show something. I'm going to make sure that I go for a walk while wearing it, as any type of exercise makes me flare.

Good luck, hope you get some answers soon.

It helps to know,I'm not the only one with these symptoms,Thanks so much!

I have had it several times. It is a routine procedure these days. They insert a thin tube into your groin area and feed it into your body up into your heart. When it is in place they can take all sorts of readings. You are awake when it is happening. They anaesthetise the area so you dont feel anything. You can also request a sedative if you are anxious. I always do. The procedure is quite quick 20-30 mins I think. Then they make you lie still for a couple of hours to ensure the wound area is healed and all is ok. You will most likely be treated as a day patient and released later the same day.

It allows them to find out what is going on in your heart. To enable any treatment options to be started or revised.

Thanks again,I will ask for a sedative.

Hi Iv had the tight chest and breathlessness for about 4 weeks on and off. I seem my consultant and he is now booking me in for lung function tests which I'm not looking forward to. The breathing is alway worse on a night time however it doesn't seem to effect me when I'm sleeping.

I was always use to sleeping with one pillow ,but when this breathlessness starts I have to have three,but you have given me a bit of hope that maybe its not cardiac!

I have costrocondritus which is inflammation of the soft tissue round the breast bone and ribs it also causes the same type of pain almost like a heart attack at times, doing too much, stress etc sets it off on me worth a look! (Ps my spelling is awful!)

Good luck

charlie007 in reply to eejit

I will say it to the doctor,did you feel breathless at all ?I had costocondritis years ago I can't remember if I was.Thanks again

eejit in reply to charlie007

Sometimes when it gets dead tight and trying to get up steps etc, good luck with it let me know how u get on!

charlie007 in reply to eejit

Thanks ,I will let you know

Do you suffer from panic attacks? They can cause yr symptoms however if you have a family history of. Eg. Obesity. Heart probs then i would change diet and exercise regularly with short walks I get the same and everything checked out with ecg too but i know i am overweight and need to reduce salt All the best as your daughter needs her Mum

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