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ZIMMER with wheels and seat.

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My hubby bought me a Zimmer frame with wheel for my 66th bithday last month - not my ideal gift !, but he knew just how much I missed going for a walk round a park not far from us after I had major spine surgery 2 years ago (Lupus related). I joind the Sheffield Lupus group and attended both the new meetings. It gave me so much confidence to go out on my own. Had not done that for over 6 years.

Any way back to the Zimmer. I went to the park yesterday and used my 'wheelie', bit of a job getting it out of the car and had to use it to sit on to just get my breath! Off I went round the smaller of the Lakes which is about 1 mile. I MADE IT right round and back to the car. I did have to sit on the seat 4 times and did panic a bit half way round in case I could not get back, but Oh how GOOD did I feel, I can not describe how great it was. Totaly knackered but happy. I just wanted to let you all know.

Join a Lupus group if you can, at the Sheffield one, people come from all over by train some of them from Hull and Grimsby and if someone offers you a Zimmer, GET ONE. Oh the FREEDOM. I must admit I did feel a bit self conscious at first but I got over that by smiling and saying Hello to everyone I passed.

Laughter and Love Hazel with the Zimmer.xx

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Go Hazel! Glad you enjoyed your freedom. I fully intend to get the train up to Sheffield for one of the meets....

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mstr in reply to DaleDiva

Do.....I'm another of the Sheffield group too.....we are a friendly bunch and if you need meeting at the trams at Meadowhall then just let us know xx

Oh Yes you must come. Go to the Sheffield Lupus Group on facebook.

you can also mail me on hazelorio66@tiscali.co.uk

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That's fab Hazel. I love walking and I miss it but I didn't want to go out using my stick,(I think it was having to admit to myself that I needed it was the problem) but went out this week and it was great and I didn't care about the stick as long as I was able to move better and enjoy the outdoors for a little while. Well done you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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I am so pleased for you, the sense of freedom you must feel. Marathon next??

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This is good just one thing that might make you feel a little less self consious of using it. What you have is not classed as a zimmer but a rollater.

I bought one for my husband a few months before he passed away (not Lupus related) and it meant for a short time he could get out in the garden and walk up the path.

He also had conventual Zimmers for in the house.

Don't feel self consious about using it, at least now you can get about a bit so use your Rollator with pride

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Hi Hazel, Brill to hear you are using it now. Yes I love going to the Sheffield Group too as it's nice to be around people who understand totally. Never say never then to the zimmer frame? Happy for you. Love Mstr xx

I went to our local Parish council and Youth club show on Saturday. That is yet another first for 10 years! It was great to see the 'children' who were at school when I worked there with their children and in a couple of occasions their Grand children! omg that mad me feel my age. It was nice that those who had moved away from our village still came back and remembered me - mostly because I would often give them pens and pencils as one girl remeined me and one of the dads said he was always grateful when he had no money and I would give him some money for his dinner - we were hit Hard in Eckington when the miners strike was on. Oh I am so grateful to my hubby, I sould have listened to him before, but would I have had the confidence with out the Sheffield group -I don't think so. Thanks Sam and all the girls.xx

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