Lupus Comparison. Just for fun

Having sat and let the latest diagnosis sink in I thought what else? Then thought how having Lupus is like going into one of those automated car washes but forgetting to be in your car.

So first you think oh as stuff gets sprayed at you then just as you think well OK you get jetted hot then soaked in cold then biffed from above behind and still being dragged along attacked from all sides .A moment of respite then slapped with whirly wax rags blown all over the place your hair a right mess then bang your outside disorientated wondering if it's all real and what on earth happened pick yourself up and someone says I don't think I would want to go through that but damn you look good!

Hope that puts a smile on someone else's face

Have a good day


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  • Brilliant! Thank you, it made me smile :)

  • Thanks Erie, certainly made me smile, and yes at the end of it you do get told you look good!

  • Hi Effie

    Its 7.00am and ive just had my shower and yep my husband said You look Good. Didnt know if to slap him or kiss him.

    Off to work though got to carry on. Really cheered me up

    Regards Diane

  • Hi Effie

    Brilliant analogy, certainly made me smile. Hope your recovering from the experience?.X

  • Great comparison! Hope you are having a good day, too....

  • Thanks Littleelfie we all need some light relief now and made me smile. Have a great day.

  • Thank you Effie. Put a bright smile on my face.

  • Brilliant hit the nail on the head, but it did make me laugh and has left a smile on my face when I think about it.

    A big hug from one loopy to another.

  • Very true. And you have to pay to use it all, well at least to park! Have a good day

  • You're a 💫

    GRRRRREAT post👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    ☺️Given me a very happy start to my day


  • This put t a smile on my face, but very true . My daughter has SLE and although she always looks well its her eyes that show the pain she lives with every hour of every day. Take care L

  • I am glad it made you smile and sorry your daughter has to experience such pain but it great she has a mom who really understands and appreciates her.That must be a big help to her to have someone in her corner.

    Take care of each other


  • That really made me smile, thank you x

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