well i got married not the day i planned tho thanks lupus

well the week before my wedding had arrived and i got that familiar pain in my side so off to docs it was.. oh you have the start of pluracy take these pills dont worry you can drink on them, great help that was so spent most of week in bed feeling like crap not ideal so day before the wedding im still in pain feeling weak and totally pissed off. friends arrive for wedding early (thought it would be a nice surprise )it wasnt i just wanted to be left alone still have to try to be happy to see them oh what a lovely surprise oh your staying the night to oh how lovely i think i pulled it off ... so day of the wedding well one thing is there was no rain so that looked good i felt so weak my joints were hurting and the pain in my side was killing me but nothing was going to stop my wedding i been with dave for 12 years now we had fnally set the date lupus was not going to spoil it i managed to put a happy face on get dressed and get to venue ommiting in sickness and in health from service my 7 year old gave me away(my dad died 11 years ago) he looked so amazing in his suit he did us proud bless him we then went to graveyard to put my bouquet on dads grave which got a bit emotional then off to reception where everyone was wating it was lovely but by 8pm lupus did get the better of me i had to come home i feel so cheated all the money we spent and we didnt even get to enjoy the evening reception as i was in to much pain we didnt even have the first dance lupus i really hate you

but im married now to the man of my dreams thats what counts xxx

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  • Congratulations on your marriage :)

    I'm sorry your day wasn't how you planned it, but I'm sure you looked beautiful, I hope your feeling better now, take care, Mandy x

  • Well done for going through with it despite your symptoms.

    Cheated is feeling we all feel from time to time, For me it is all the days this curse has taken away from my childrens growing up, either because I couldnt give them my best at the time, or because I have forgotten them since.

    But you beat it this time, dont let the regrets sully your memory of your great day. Celebrate every victory however small. This was a major victory.

  • Congratulations I'm glad you got the man of your deams (Lupus is a S**T) Be happy together always x x x :) :)

  • Congratulations to you both xx

  • Congratulations to you both. well done, have many many happy years together. x x x x

  • Congratulations hope you both have a happy life xxxxxx

  • Congrats,Hope you are a little better now

  • Congratulations Helen, you made it :) Maybe not as you'd hoped but you got to church, got married and was able to include your dad. Wishing you many more years of happily married life, keep remembering the good bits xxx

  • thanks for all the comments they mean alot xx

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