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Is MCTD covered by the Equaity Act?

I am one of many having a change to my lupus label. My most recent appointment with a new rheumatologist at a new hospital, has resulted in her querying MCTD instead of lupus. Providing I receive the right treatment, I'm beyond caring which label I am given. My employers however have been very supportive and I have been able to make minor changes to my working hours courtesy of the equality act (reasonable changes). This came about with a lupus diagnosis. Does anybody know if MCTD is also covered in the equality act? I'm wondering if this could now alter the way my employers deal with me.

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You'll be covered by the Equality Act so long as you have;

a) A physical or mental impairment

b) The impairment has an adverse effect on your ability to carry out day-to-day tasks

c) The adverse effect is substantial (this can be a tricky one to quantify)

d) The adverse effect is long term.

Providing you meet these criteria, you would technically be classed as 'disabled' and as such protected by the Equality Act.


Thank you Paul, I have trawled through reams of info and websites but couldn't make head nor tail of it! I'm very lucky to have such supportive employers and was a little concerned about telling them my diagnosis may have changed!


Hi sorry to but in but Paul helped me loads and as a lupus suffer I was put on a stage 2 at work so I requested to work from home as when I can't move about easy I won't have to rush round getting ready and can work in my pjs, I was told if I want to work from home I would have to go through occupational health so I did, to my benefit, I was taken off all my stages and informed they can't include my lupus flare ups as sick, and have to disregard it, but just wanna say thanks Paul for ur help when I needed it

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No problem. I'm glad to know that I was able to help :)


You did it gave me the confidence to walk in to my meeting alone and request what I wanted, and all worked in my favor x


Good to hear such an important thing was adjusted to your needs Lennox. I work on the front line of an emergency service so working from home isn't an option! I'm starting to look into other jobs/working from home as I know if and when the time comes, I'm not interested in working indoors in an entirely different role. Saying that, I may just be grateful to be employed! As I said, my employers have been fantastic, from line managers, HR to occ health. I'm just not sure how a potential change to the name of an illness may affect the support I have been receiving.


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