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hi all put blogg on here before about losing it couldn't remember how to lock my front door which was quite funny,as is losing/misplacing things frustrating at the time but funny.well Saturday I lost my wages,not so funny and nearly burnt house down as forgot to turn hob off.I made lovely jacket potatoes took out off oven sat on hob as trsy was hot,went for shower got ready for work when I opened kitchen door fire alarm went crazy,smoke every where. Dread to think what would've happened if I had just left for work.never mind all fine.these little mishaps have me on edge sometimes as when I leave house find I stop and think have I turned this or that off and end up going back to double check sometimes.the fact I could've burnt house down is not funny at all in fact its pretty worrying even though I know it could happen to anyone.hope u all as well as u can be x

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Brain fog is so crazy with this illness I have Hughes as well

I forget all the little things and thats just as bad sometimes I find myself embarrassing as I forget things when I'm talking to people sometimes someone can say something to me and it will disappear right out my head I even lock the cats In cupboard or in a room and wonder why one of them is miowing I've told my rheumy but he says it's just a symptom nit Ichthyology to do for now but I relised it's not there all the time sometimes its the opposite. And I get a sudden shot of great memory power where I remember something from the past that I couldn't member before so it doesnt seem so bad


I can relate to that as I can remember more of the past than what happened yesterday.The strange thing with me is I work in a pub and always remember what people drink and prices.once I did forget to go to work at right time and nobody was there to open up,it was funny afterwards though but I did lose it with a customer and told him to get a grip of his life if he couldn't cope without a drink at 10 am.the mind is truly a strange thing x


Hi, I find that I am slurring my words more, cant seem to focus , it feels like my eyes are rolling around in my head, then I walk into everything especially big huge things that you WOULD see, I drop loads of things.......its scary, if I don't laugh then I will cry......and have to be thankful that, that time hasn't come. ... take care... check and then double check. ..... xx Uzi xx


I slur/stammer forget words or jumble them up and now learnt to check double check then check againx


Hee hee. .good


me too uzi41, im having a nitemare at work lately calling things by the wrong name, eg; I had put the spare milk away and said to my supervisor " ive worked the milk and sorted the dates and put it back in the fingey...the CHILLER!!"

she stood there with a smirk and then we both laughed it off but I do get SO cross with myself and now we have new staff u think I can remember anyones name??!!!

I made a joke that my name badge isn't for customers its for me incase I forget who I am!!! lol x


I say that to people when they saycant you remember I say I'm lucky to remember my name lol x


Went to a pampered chef party last week. ....and ended up calling it a shampered peth party. ......not on....but its then that you got to say why you are talking in riddles. ..xx Uzi xx


Welcome to our world.!! Of Lupus Fog!!!

like the one about the name badge i think i will have to get one.

Love & Sunshine



The other day my satnav told me to take the next right... could my brain work out which way that was???? NO! Thank goodness it showed me on the screen!

Probably worth pointing out this was not a journey I have never taken before - I just need satnav for every journey these days!

I was on my way to work & had been wondering how my friend is... I suddenly realised that instead of going to work, I was round the corner from her house (on the opposite side of town,natch.)



There I was blaming it all on age!!(Not really)

I told my mum to turn the sound up on the sausages and the Tv was in the oven!!!

Told Dad to put potatoes in my tea, goodness knows what I was thinking because I don't eat potatoes!

Has anyone else found that they end up doing several things instead of the one thing you set out to do?

As for Sat NAv Sally, the times I turn the opposite to what she says or go round an island a couple of times.

Mind you the hint's in the name, Lupus..and we're all loopies!!!!

Better health for all



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