Just thought it would be a GREAT idea if we all shared any tips we have 4 dealing with things, getting through the day, overcoming certain things etc :0) For example, I have a 'Happy Song', a song that I put on at full volume if I'm feeling a bit wobbly or down & it ALWAYS cheers me up & puts me in a better mood. Mine is Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off. (if u have Facebook u can listen 2 it here: To make it EVEN more effective, I sing it at the top of my voice. Admittedly my cat tends 2 leave the house when I do this as I'm not known 4 my dulcet tones but hey, if it helps, it's all good :0D

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  • Paint u're nails if u can. Even if u're hands/feet have changed colour/r swollen etc, it cheers them up. Sometimes I paint 1 of my nails bright yellow & draw a smiley face on it ;0)

  • If u can, slick on a bit of make-up, u may feel like sh*te but at least u can look like u feel 'normalish' which can sometimes help.

  • if u suffer with restless legs at night time, slather moisturiser on u're feet & slip on some socks, I find it really helps when I have problems with it.

  • great idea of yours. Sadly have nothing to contribute yet...

  • u'd be surprised ursi, we all have something 2 offer whether we can c it or not ;0)

  • having a look round with my specs on !

  • lol ;0)

  • Play computer games (though not the warrior type, I use Big Fish Games, I love their games).

  • What I actually have been doing (without realising it) is that I tend to spend my bad days listening to my fave comediens and scoffing the treats I made on the good days.

    Not particularly good for the already disappeared waistline but so good for the soul;)

    Seeing the amount of stuff in my freezer, all homemade since I am gluten and lactose intolerant, makes me realise that I indeed have good days, BLISS!

  • c ursi, told ya, u're obviously a dab hand at baking & planning ahead :0) x

  • needed someone like you to get on the right motorway;)

  • we all need some1 2 bring us out of ourselves sometimes, just 2 hear or read something rational, kind or something just 2 remind us we aint alone in this ;0) x

  • Lie in the bath with 'special' bubbles (not your bog standard supermarket ones).

    If you can manage, bake a cake (a packet mix will do) - the smell of home baking is mmmm

    Watch a 'feelgood' DVD or (like Ursi) your fav comedien

    Computer games are good (can manage this if I can't concentrate on reading a book)

    Dig out old family photos - always make me smile

    My DON'T list:

    Slob in my dressing gown - I look rubbish and feel rubbish

    Do any housework - not that I would feel like it, but I don't let myself feel guilty

  • that's the spirit :)

  • I tend to find getting dressed makes a lot of difference. Slobbing in my pjs is never going to result in a productive day!! My son telling me he loves me or that I am the best cook ever always makes my day too :-) I agree with watching a comedian and listening to music. I also find talking to a friend about something other than what is wrong helps to take your mind off things. If you have the energy go meet a friend for a cuppa and a natter. I also find sitting in complete silence for 10 mins now and then helps me just to take stock and relax a bit xxx

  • When I'm on my own I love listening to all my favourite songs on my ipod. I can have a good sing a long, so even if I haven't got much energy I can sit down or even be in bed and still enjoy listening to the music.

  • Having a good old blast on the 'Singstar' is uplifting, even if I don't actually want 2 do it or if I'm alone in the house I'll just shout or scream as loud as I can if I need 2 let off steam or get something out of my system. Some fab idea's, keep 'em coming ;0)

  • Put the slap on is mine.

  • always get out of bed and into some day clothes, even if you do end up on the settee, makes me feel better knowing that i have made the effort.

    DON'T watch anything sad or depressing on the tv, it only makes me cry and then i feel a right plonker !!!

  • If u're having a 'Forgetful Day', stick 'Post it' notes everywhere 2 remind u of things, talk 2 u'reself 2 remind u of things (not too loudly otherwise people will just think u're mental), make up songs or rhymes, do whatever it takes 2 try & get things 2 stick in u're head :0)