Batty night🦇

Well , we spent last night organising my youngest son as he is off to uni in holland today , he on an early flight so we all went to bed early as im on second rituximab infusion today. The house alarm went off at 3.34 so i went down with my other son , looked around saw nothing. I went into the garage and turn on the light , i just stepped down the step when an enormous bat flew out of the utility room Aaaaaah . I screamed and dived int the kitchen and slammed the door. My husband and young son came running downstairs as thought i was being attacked . My husband thinks he got the bat out by opening garage door and turning carlights on , apparently they are attracted to light . What a night, didnt sleep after that, but husband is away with son to holland and left us with possibility that bat is still lurking 😫 Im sitting in the ward now waiting to get hooked up so can have a wee sleep . We are on a bat flight path as there are barns quite near by , i wont be leaving the garage door open again LOL .


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27 Replies

  • Ahh! Bats are great! When I'm on good form, I walk around the block in the evening with my bat detector. My old cat Whiskey used to sit on the garage roof and catch them, but luckily Gordon doesn't. (sadly, I think that's because they have declined in numbers so much it's not worth the effort, rather than because he doesn't want to catch them). It's very unlikely that your bat will want to hang around in the garage once it gets dark - it's got moths to catch and places to be!

    Hope your infusion does the trick x

  • Thanks ! I hope its gone , my husband has advised me to wear a hat in case it flys into my hair Ugh!!

  • unless your hair is undetectable to ultrasound - in which case, you would have an asset worth millions to the defence industry - it won't fly into your hair!

  • My mum was riding a bike home down the lane when a bat flew into her hair , apparently you could have heard her scream in Cork . My mum was brought up on a farm and had many strange animal encounters 😀

  • :D Fair enough! Just be thankful you've got enough hair to get a bat entangled then - not all of us are that lucky ;) x

  • I'm sorry the bat scared you! I'm a bat lover, I'm afraid. Dark summer evenings and pipistrelles (sp) are fun. Mind you, I don't mind spiders either (as long as they are the non biting sort we get here). There's one scuttling around my floor most evenings at the moment. He's called Timothy. All my spiders are called Timothy 🤗

  • Im afraid I don't share your love . I can cope with spiders as long as they are not too big and running away from me 😀

  • I'm arachnophobic too (although I'm going to think Timothy from henceforth as this might help!) and I'm not sure I'd be at all pleased to have a bat in my hair - but I do at lease count myself very lucky to have a good head of hair these days. It wasn't always so!!

  • Blimey W - that's rather a lot to contend with in a short space of time. The only time I've ever seen a bat close up was when my husband and I were fishing while on holiday one evening about 15 years ago. We were both a little drunk and he flicked his line up like a proper fisherman and unfortunately his hook caught a poor bat which happened to be flying over the loch!!

    I hope it's not too traumatic for you having your youngest away too. Also hoping you got some rest while having Rituximab infusion today but not too much so you get some good bat free sleep tonight! Xx

  • Ps on the plus side - your fridge will be much less rapidly depleted. Our youngest is staying for a while in our tiny new home and our fridge is already looking sadly empty, bread all gone and my beloved Koko milk is very depleted🙄😉

  • You don't know the half of it !!!!!!!

  • Oh with three young adult sons and a hubby and two dogs - I think I probably do!! X

  • Ha ha , snap on the male bit but no dogs 😀

  • Dogs are as much work as boys but don't grow up and leave home and are therefore around always for unconditional cuddles!! X

  • You still won't pursuade me to get one xx

  • Probably best not - they are great but I wouldn't do it again. X

  • I am tired now , combination of no sleep and rituximab! All went well and my youngest is settling in . He has a list of stuff to get for his room so they will l be busy , busy tomorrow. No sign of the critter since but i have not been out in the dark ! Hope you are keeping ok xx

  • Don't go out at all - clamber into bed with a lovely hot drink and sleep, sleep, sleep! Xx

  • Having a green tea and a slice of toast then up to bed, just hoping the steroid infusion doesn't keep me awake xx

  • Omg - our son just went downstairs for some toast and he was walking across our floor when he felt something on his toe - the most massive wolf spider ever!! So very glad it wasn't me I'd have had heart failure! Xx

  • OMG just looked that but ugh ! Still think my bat was worse as it flew at me like a vampire in a horror movie 😈😱

  • Nope apparently (photo/ video evidence provided for me!) it was about the size of a small bat!! X

  • Hi weathervane

    Never a dull moment is there with wildlife!. Glad your bat didn't come back, would have really scared me. Good luck for your son going to uni in Holland, big moment and I hope the infusion really helps you. X

  • Thanks misty , he is a bit further away but it is still quite handy to get to . Not a 100%sure the bat 🦇 is out but i am not going to go hunting- i will leave that to hubby . It flew in by accident and is not nesting so should be able to chase it out🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Hi weathervane

    There's an interesting article in our local paper about some bats that have taken up residence in a dinosaur model at a wildlife park. Did you know there are only 18 species of them in the Uk and the lesser horseshoe bat is considered one of the rare ones as there numbers have declined dramatically in uk due to loss of habitat!. Would be fab if you could identify yours!. Sleep tight.X

  • Oh misty, i wont be looking that closely, but its wing span looked about the size of my hand

  • Hope you had a good night weathervane, no bat encounters!. X

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