Recovery time after gym?

I had a session with a personal trainer on Tuesday and I still ache. Lots. My stomach hurts when I sneeze, yesterday I was crying with pain as my hands hurt and I couldn't bend down to pick things up off of the floor. To those who are able to work out, what is your recovery time afterwards? I am almost sure that this was never the case a few years ago. :(

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  • It's always a very big shock for anyone after working out with a personal trainer! I felt like I was going too die for 2 or 3 days after! Even though I was used too doing ballet fitness for years with my m.e! After a while I began too enjoy my couple of sessions a week & ballet was a walk in the dark- in spite of the fibromyalgia! Now I am poorly & I miss that level of fitness but its so worth working through the pain! & I intend too get back too this level too! Slowly! But remember they are professionals & they know what they are doing! It is worth persevering! ;)

  • This is good to know - helps me to realise that it's not necessarily lupus related, although it probably does intensify the pain a tad. :) :) :)

  • The day of the training I would feel tired but the next day I usually ache - mostly because of the exercises but also lupus makes me exhausted and in pain too. By the third day I'm ok, back in the gym. Try and persevere if you can, your whole body will benefit and you will find your weak spots and work to improve those. In the long term your lupus will benefit too. I used to have terrible chest pains and periods of breathlessness but my personal trainer (a young woman 20 years my junior and really good at what she does) have sorted that out through exercises that opened the chest and improved the way I was breathing.

  • THat's really helpful, thank you. :) I used to play the flute, back in "the day", and my breathing became excellent. I am half-considering taking it up again so that I can learn to control my breathing again. Plus, it's great for stomach muscles.

  • A few years ago I was fit enough to run a mile if I was gentle. I need most the whole week to recover in the respect that trying to do anything else would have been a painful disaster. Naturally there were times when I fooled myself into thinking that I was able to do much more, I even signed up for a 10k. I walk it, as running fell to bits after just over a mile.

    After a muscular work out, I expect to feel tuned out the next day, and crampy the day after. Its all a matter of balance and you will have to feel your way. And sadly expect to get it wrong from time to time.

    The best/worst thing I ever did was learn to walk on my hands at a circus skills workshop. This had been a lifetimes ambition and I got the hang of it nicely. but the next morning I was worse than useless, -But happy for it. Well earned fatigue.

  • I use a combination of T'ai Chi and Karate breathing techniques along with tinkering on the Harmonica for my breathing. Certainly makes a difference.

  • As with so many aspects of this disease, we are all very different, & I think a lot of it depends how active your lupus is chrissiij.

    I was fit & sporty pre-lupus, doing aerobics, swiming, cycling, running & skiing. But as my illness (undiagnosed back then) progressed these things became difficult. I persevered until the point where it was taking me days & sometimes weeks, to recover from something as basic as a beginners pilates class. My last attempt at a very gentle swim, sent me into a full on flare. At present I stick to walking. I can adapt that to how I feel, & do it whenever & wherever I am. I do hope to be able to do a gentle yoga class at some point in the future, as I think it would be great for the joints & flexibility, as well as beneficial mentally too.

    Keep up the good work. You are so lucky to be able to work out like you do. The key is to listen to, & respect your body. Try not to compare yourself to what you used to be, or indeed to anyone else.

    Best wishes. x

  • Thanks for the new replies. I do feel quite lucky to still be able to work out. I just hope it stays this way for a while. Going to gym again tonight, in the hope that more pain will either let my body become more used to it or ease the joint pain. We'll see...............


  • I think it is beneficial to keep ploughing on with the gym but don't over do it! Listen too your trainer & your body! I hope they are aware of your condition because it is info that they need because as professionals they are responsible for you! When I had a trainer she never fully stretched me out cos of my hyper mobility & she warned me to never stretch too much in ballet! I was very fit & very flexible back then! But I am happy too walk & too just get through a dance class! But I can't dance too the same level!

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