Start going to the gym

Hi all

I just started going to the gym. I had the induction on sunday because of my lupus they had to be careful about the things i can do. Good enough i researched about non-weight bearing exercise. So i told the instructor what i intend to do. I do swimming and hydrotherapy because of my knees but sometimes am not in the mood to go into water . So i can use the gym when i dnt want to swim.

I went in today, while i was cycling slowly because my knee are sore so i try not to over exert them. The lady beside was so fast in cycling that the amount of calories she burnt in 5mins i did it in 12mins. I just said to myself "dnt look at other people's speed, just take time" . That was exactly what i did.

Fingers crossed it will help.

Take care and God bless.

Ije xxx


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  • Hi Ijeaslike

    Well done for joining a gym, glad they take good care. Don't worry about what others are doing, you go for yourself and your own achievements!. Let's face it I bet the lady doesn't have your painful knees!. Keep us posted and take care. X

  • Thanks alot

  • Well done for going. Try to keep going regularly even if you only do a short time. Remember the key is "gentle" exercise , and to build up slowly, then add extra days you go to gym, extra exercise you do etc. Also remember to try a short "warm up" and "warm down" at start and end of any session.

    If I go to the gym all I do is walk slowly on the treadmill ... I usually put it on an incline to get my heart rate up ... sometimes I only do 10-15 mins, other times anything from 20mins - 45mins. Even on "good" days I don't do more than 45mins. I mainly go swimming or an aqua class as exercise in the water is not quite as painful or tireing for me as going to the gym.

    Any exercise for me does add to my aches/pains and my fatigue, and you may notice this is worse during the first month or so of doing exercise. For me I accept that doing exercise will do this and also take some of my "spoons". However I'd rather try to keep fit, and I'd rather have fatigue/pain with exercise as one of the reasons for that, as I handle it better than it just being aches/pains/ fatigue due to "Lupus", and I actually feel better about myself when I exercise. I think the key is to build up very slowly, and don't compare yourself with others in the gym... I'm sure some others may feel my walking on treadmill is just a "warm up" in their eyes ... but I don't worry about that, and I've managed to do regular exercise for a few years now despite my lupus, so I feel great about that, and I think it does help

  • Thanks for ur reply it has really encouraged me.

  • I try not to compare myself to others. They may not have any health issues. And they are younger. I do my own pace, and when my body starts shaking, I leave. I do what I can.

  • Thanks alot

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