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Can sunshine provoke a Lupus flare?

I more and more suspect I may have seronegative Lupus (do have APS and SS). Was out in the sun all day on Sunday, without sunscreen (duh), got very tired and very burned. Have been feeling crap ever since. Also developed bright red round blotchy blobs on both cheeks and over nose. And I've been doing that on and off, with or without sun, for some time now. Malar rash???

Should have recovered from long busy Sunday by now (performing in a choir) - I would usually have - so wonder if sun has set off a Lupus 'episode'? Is that possible?

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Yes. In fact sunshine is a major trigger. It's not a very nice thing to have to deal with (I lived outside all Summer before lupus) - but high factor sunscreen and a hat at all times plus not ever exposing skin elsewhere to the sun - should prevent this happening again.

I have discovered, recently, that aloe vera direct from the plant (cut a slice and extract the sticky gloop) helps with the flaky scaly redness I get if I am accidentally exposed.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks. Hmmmm, must investigate this further with (various!) consultants, then.

I applied aloe vera gel as soon as I got home, plus some petroleum cream stuff from GP and it's calmed down now. But I still feel rubbish. Reducing steroids at same time adds to the, er, challenges of course.

But thanks for info, that's helpful.


Yes it can cause a flare in symptoms. UV light can stimulate lupus activity. As my GP always tells me, "the sun is your enemy".


If I'm out to long in the sun it makes me sick.

had a melanoma last year, jury still out how I got it cause I cant stand the sun, but warning to others never forget your sunscreen ( I was awake when I had the surgery, not something I want to go through again)


I also get sick from the sun if I stay in it too long. The hotter it is the sicker I get. In fact on very hot days during the summer I don't venture out, unless I have a must go to appointment. The problem is, by avoiding the sun, we can become vit D deficient and may develop other problems in relation to that. You just can't win with this illness.


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