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At The End of My Tether!

All of us suffer with severe depression with this rubbish illness and to me that's what puts the nail in the coffin for me I bloody hate it day in day out I don't no what to do I just cry cry cry and never feel like I can stop, when I try to think to myself what can I do to take my mind of it, something to make me happy theirs just nothing I seem to be stuck in unhappiness mode nothing can make me happy anymore not shopping, going out with friends, family or husband. Just sitting here in my room looking at the same four walls with the same cracks and dents in them is more better but not happiness, I actually feel like just popping all my pills these days I feel im at the end of it all im so young and cant deal with it anymore


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Hey there, I'm sure you feel the same as we all do at some time or another. But it is really important not to let this illness get the better of us, easier said than done I know when it feels like the world is against you.

Do you have someone to talk to? Family or friends? Sometimes just letting it all out is a great source of relief, I often feel so much better for sitting and telling my partner how I feel, saying it out loud and having a bit of a weep helps me to then say come on now, pull myself together.

Please talk to your GP, or otherwise look up telephone contacts in your area from lupus uk and give someone a ring to chat.

Do you go to lupus meetings in your area? I find this a great help, but most of all keep blogging and sharing how you feel so we can all help you through this tough time.

Take care and chin up

Slowmo x


I think I shall talk to my gp beside that's what we do when there is something wrong

and I no that with the depression it's eating away at me and I need to get it sorted before it take over me thanks for your advice it helps


That sounds grim. I know we all suffer from this from time to time but having no joy or interest for long periods of time should be addressed. Have you been prescribed anything for it? As depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, you can wait it out in the hope that the body will adjust on its own at some point, or you can take pills to hasten the process. Until you're better try and not convince yourself that the way you see life today is how life is. Just recognise that the feeling is caused by the depression and that at some point the depression will lift. If you're doing it without pills, try yoga - it allows more oxygen to get to the brain through the breathing exercises and generally makes the person practising it more thankful for what they have, which in turn lifts that person's mood.


It one of those things where I no that I'm not able to cope

Without some form of help I have family and friends that I can talk to

But all in all the depression creeps back up at some point worse then before

So that's why I need to seek help from the gp now to see what my outcome will be and if I need

To take any medication


Hi yes see your Gp tomorrow if you can, you need to get this sorted, horrible to feel like that

It took years before anyone noticed I was depressed. Luckily it was noticed and I was put on antidepressant , I no longer cry for hours, please talk to someone as their is no need to feel like that

Take care thinking of you xx


I have had one flare for nearly two years from taking the plaquenil. I am depressed and in constant firo pain. hate the meds as they come with so many bad arffects and make me worse. have severe runs due to the plaq and really run down. tired and very unhappy. drs cant really do much. pooping pills has not helped just made me worse. was on citalipran gave me odd dreams and halucinations and my eyes were spinning. not in a good place


Please please go and see your gp as soonas you can. I have had lupus for over 30 years and have had periods just like this, you can get through it and life will get better for you I'm sure. Please talk to someone soon, thinking of you x


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