Been to the doctors and hospital about my Lupus

I'm still down still got all my flare ups my mum took me to see my GP and then to the hospital to see my consultant both occassions sobbed my mum had to speak for me I managed to tell them i can't fight it any more,my Gp gave me tablets also to make me sleep and he wants me to see a counselor and my consultant said that if these tablets don't work then she will give me another tablet and if that does'nt work last option is to do a skin biopsy and brain biopsy and what upset me more was while I was getting dressed after she had examend me my mum asked her is there anything else we can do for my daughter and my consultant said not much we are doing all we can for her and to make it all comfortable for her.I'm just hoping and praying it does'nt come to a brain biopsy thats really worrying me not sure how much i can take from this im worn out by fighting this :(

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  • oh you poor thing its quite heartbreaking hearing stories like yours who has been through such a lot with this sometimes unforgiving desease.try to keep going and dont get too down i know its very hard xx

  • take all the help you can get,

    the next drug may well work try not to look to far ahead it gets scary. one step at a time best wishes


  • First things first. Get some good sleep and if you want to see a counsellor do so. Think what positive things you can do to look after yourself well. It sounds as if you feel frightened by the doctor's comments to your Mum especially about the brain biopsy. You don't have to have anything done to you against your will. In any case, as tatty said its best not to think too far ahead and worry about something that may never happen.

    There a new drugs available to us now for you to try and one of those might just be the answer you are looking for.

  • Please take care and look after yourself. I completely get the sobbing thing. I am quite strong and then as soon as I have to explain myself the words don't come out, I get emotional etc. Always regret it afterwards as Consultant's appointments here are few and far between. It is excellent that your mum is with you. I take my partner who reminds me of things that I probably have not taken in. Take care and keep in touch. Do you know "Lupus is Real" on Facebook? If you want to communicate there are a lot of people out there sharing similar circumstances.

  • Jennie..Hugs sent your way. This cruel disease takes so much out of us both physically and also mentally and some days drains every last ounce of our strength!Alot of Lupies feel the same way and you are bound to feel stressed and sometimes like you are the only one going through this!You are not,,the above Comment from Jaxqueline sums up how i often feel too,,i have days when i feel strong and other days when i need support,,i too find this in Lupus is real!!..we are at facebook and support each other the best we can.I am sending you positive thoughts for you and hoping you may feel a little stronger. Regards,Dawn.x

  • Thankyou for all your comments xxxx

  • My thoughts go out to you and your mum. My daughter was diagnosed in December. She has had to give up uni and is taking a cocktail of drugs. She is also going to get some counselling as it's such a shock to have your life suddenly changed so dramatically. Lots of love xxxx

  • Don't worry about the counselling I've had my first session this morning and it went okay.Hopefully it would help you in the long run,hope you feel better soon.

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