how do i not feel like i need to sleep all of the time ???

along with my SLE that drains me i also have low blood pressure everyone tells me take a good multivitamin which i have tried a few now i cant remember which ones anymore so i jus stopped all together because none made be feel any different .

but im always tired like sleepy i always feel like i need rest even when i get 10 hours sleep it drives me mad one of my co-workers has lupus as well and its the same thing with her but she doesnt have low blood pressure.

can any of you please suggest some good vitamins for me to take that maybe work well for you.


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  • Hi there,sorry can't help you with the vitamins,but since my daughter has been on all het meds for systemic lupus,she doesn't feel the need to have to sleep all the time she suffered with horrendous fatigue since she was a small child,she was dxd with m.e when she was 11,she also had low blood pressure,maybe you could get your lupus meds updated,my daughter said she doesn't know if it is the plaquil or methotrexate,but one of them has cut her fatigue massively.


  • thanx nanny but what are het meds ??

  • Hi Binney,my daughter takes beta blockers for a heart problem but her lupus meds plaquil and methotrexate have helped her fatigue soooooooooo much! She is a different person,no longer has to sleep every afternoon on her days off from work, nor does she have to sleep everyday when she gets home from work,doctors tend not to treat low blood pressure very often ,my 2 daughters and myself have very low blood pressure and we were just told to est a little more salt,Sandy.

  • For more energy...Spirulina smoothie with banana [to cover taste of spirulina and add smooooothiness] and real fruit into the mix, helps add easy digested nutrition including protein to the body. I have one daily and notice fatigue more if I don't. And its delicious. Chi gong, yoga, walking, healing session /visualization/ inspiration read/ rest post lunch means I have some energy for pm. Hope this helps. All the best.

  • I have low blood pressure and was put on fludrocortosine which has been of great help. You need to speak with your specialist about this. Not sure if you are at the stage of not being able to rush or if you stand for any length of time you feel as if you are going to faint. But if your low BP is affecting you you need to speak with the Dr. You also may need to be checked for under-active thyroid - this causes extreme tiredness so again speak with your GP or consultant who should look at this. Trust you get some help and answers to your extreme tiredness.

  • thank you all so much i actually have a check up tomorrow with my lupus doctor so i will be sure to ask her and i was goin to start having fruit soomthies for breakfat thought it sounded like a healthy way to start my day so i will do that.

    thanks again for all of your help

  • Ihave lupus to and felt like i could sleep all the time. the dr sent me for a sleep test and ended up having sleep apena with the lupus so i had to get a cpac machine to sleep with at night time this worked for me.

  • oh wow Diane thanks for the info i will ask about this sleep test

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