Does anyone ever go to a rheumatologist appointment and come out smiling? :\

Does anyone ever go to a rheumatologist appointment and come out smiling? :\

So apparently I do not have enough blood?I did not understand this at all it was in feb when I was passing out ,tho he mentioned it to me today.Anyways the lupus has not improved a bit since the last testing .If it does not by april he mentioned a more invasive treatment and told me not to have anymore babies ,which is fine I can only handle 1 with this anyways.He also said if my inflamation numbers are still as high as they were he is adding another pain medication along with my tramadol.I think I'm doing fine with just tramadol I can shop now and go more places.And keep up with laundry and house cleaning much better now.I dont know what to say no really good news..Just same old stuff gosh my achilles tendons feel like they are going to snap.You would think these doctors would send us to massage therapy right?Some good news **** that would make me happy a little .Anyways glad I had my little girl when I did.I guess god said "why try again ,you got it perfect the 1st time :)

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  • Not april AUGUST*

  • Hi, I'm sorry you're going through such an awful time! No joke with a young child! Are you being treated for the low blood? My blood is always low, go on iron, it's picks up a bit then after a while drops again and the fatigue and brain fog gets unbearable.  I don't believe more pain relief is the answer in your case I believe you need better medication to dampen down the immune system and so ease symptoms. Hopefully the Consultant will suggest something in August, I'm on  Mycophenolate and it works well. If you feel you can't wait this long ring his secretary and explain, you really shouldn't have to suffer so much. 😊 Bronagh 

  • low  blood     can  mean      low iron      you  can  take a      iron pill  or   add   iron rich  foods to your diet   all natural    , as  for    more  meds  i  say      do not   do it    since   our  bodies   get used to    different  meds   and then  the  cycle  begins  meaning still later  they will   have to     do   even  more  ,   if your in pain  arnica is  a natural    pain     med   

  • Are you getting anything for your low blood? It could be caused by low iron but if your inflammation markers are high you could also be experiencing the type of anaemia that is caused by high inflammation - apparently it stops your body from concreting iron to haemaglobin. 

  • That maybe he just told me it was very low and to tell my pcp.

  • I use tramadol for pain 100mg 3 times during the day they just upped the mg.Without it I walk like a crimped 90 year old and cannot go anywhere. So I'm glad I get that relief it also gives you some energy.For certain things I rely on medication especially if it works.I have cronic kidney stones as well.I get heavy narcotics when I pass them.I do not have an additive personality or whatever they call it.I can be on and off a medication then stop taking it when my symptoms are better.Ive been off and on percocets or vicodins since I was 14 never had a withdraw even after having me on it for 2 months.Those medications I will only use while I have severe pain otherwise my body would get use to it and it would not work like it should,if you ever had a kidney stone you know how bad you need your medication to work properly.I dont know what other pain medication this rheumatologist wants to try but I'm thinking its lyrica or somehting like that for nerve pain. 

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