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Hi all it's been a while since I was last on hear but Iv been going through bad times :-( after such bad head pain I go for a ct scan on Wednesday hope thay find my brain lol whent to dermatology last Wednesday to be told I have basal cell carcinoma ( yes ontop of everything skin cancer) I have it removed wich will leave a wonderfull scar on my face as it is on the side of my nose ....I do live in hope I don't have much more devastation in my life I wish I could say there have been happy times but I do live in hope. Tracey x

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  • Hi Tracey, hope results come back ok, its sad that we end up going for so many test. ..if it not one thing it's another. ...keep positive. ..take care. .xx Uzi xx

  • Thankyou for your kind words I try and stay a positive as possible ..and fingers toes all my test come back ok as I don't think I can cope with much more ..take care Tracey x

  • Oh, Tracey, what a horrible time you're having, you poor thing! Good luck with the ct scan and I wish you strength to deal with everything x

  • Thankyou for your kind words I think I'm dealing with it all ok and like us all we have to stay strong an posertive but we do crumble sometimes take care Tracey x

  • Maybe the scar won't be as bad as you think? And maybe this time is a turning point? I always try to think each new thing may be the last one....

  • My scar will be about 2inc from my nose to my cheek so let's hope he has a steady hand lol one day I hope we all have a turning point as I do live in hope thankyou for your support take care Tracey x

  • Tracey - I'm sure on your face they will do their best. Having your appearance changed without wanting it to be is horrid - and I really feel for you. I know that people use Bio-oil to help reduce scarring - and maybe other people here have ideas that will help too.

    As for turning points - let's just hope.


  • Thank you for your kind words I'm sure the surgeon will do a good job but to be honest his reaction was "just deal with it " but how do you when your face will change .forever my rash is bad enough but I will try bio oil when it starts to heal .take care Tracey

  • I am sorry you are having such an ongoing rough time and hope things will turn out OK. Apart from medication, there are various other things we can take to help in the healing process after surgery (like extra Vit C, selenium etc...).

    It may also be a good idea to contact Changing Faces. If you talk to them (before the surgery even) you may get some good advice. See: changingfaces.org.uk or call: 0300 012 0275 / 012 0276 - to find out who to contact in your area.

    See also: devonandcornwalllupusgroup.... for local support. The group has a facebook page too - you are not on your own. Thinking of you ..hoping for happier times ahead. xxx :)

  • Oh Tracey you poor thing, just a few words of encouragement and hope, my exhusband had something similar removed from the side of his nose and the facial surgeons are so empathic and realise that you have a lot to cope with already and try their hardest not to leave much of a scar. I too have had surgery on my face for something different but had thirty eight stitches in my face and the surgeon said that they use techniques that minimise scarring.

    Hope all goes well and good luck for everything else, I hope we see positive updates on here sometime. :-)

    Madmagz x

  • Thankyou for your kind words don't think my surgeon has empathy as you x husbond was his attitude was just deal with it :-( he shrugged his shoulders and said you will have a nice scar dint no weather to laugh or cry I also suffer with lupus sle so I'm on blood thinners he said if you bleed more I will just put more stitches in well then I was just left to go home and get on with it .....my lupus is going for it at the moment I'm in a good flair an my fibromyalgia is also going ten to the dozen so I'm live with hope that it will settle down very soon I do try to live with a posertive attitude if not I would go on a pure melt down Tracey

  • Tracey I do feel for you, my sle has been giving me a good run for my money for the last two and a half years, it sounds like you have a very unsympathetic doctor who doesn't have an ounce of empathy in his bones, whether he was just making an off the cuff remark and as we know when we are feeling vulnerable we can take things literally, lets hope that he just had a very bad way of trying to be funny and it didn't work. In fact it would be handy if you got seen by one of his registrars by the sounds of things as they often are very good doctors and seeing someone else might just give you the reassurance you need right now. Having the fibromyalgia is not helping you I am sure as you must feel like you are getting battered from all sides - it's a damned good job you can carry on with a positive attitude and get on with live that is exactly the same way as I cope.

    Chin up love and I hope all goes well

    Madmagz x

  • Thankyou for you very kind word yes I do feel batterd of every way as also I have to go for a c t scan on my brain today as my head gets that hot an a very bad head pain lets hope thay can find my brain as at the moment if it wasnt on my sholders I would forget were I last had it lol yes I do to take life on the chin if not I would crumble at the moment I'm also to bloody stubon to lie down an think o why me and let's hope the doctor today finds his funny Side funny as honestly I don't think I would keep my mouth shut today lol take care hope you also feel a little today hugs to you ...Tracey x

  • Thanks Tracey looks like we both cope in a similar way, when I went for a brain scan once I said I was sure I should go in feet first as I didn't think I had anything but cotton wool between my ears maybe my brain was in my big toe. Luckily the radiologist saw the funny side and laughed too. Also like you my stubborn streak is one of the healthy things about me that and the sheer grit and determination that make me get up and make the mot of every day, just like in the song by Bon Jovi called "Everyday" it is a great song. Oh woe is me is not my style either and while out in public and listening to a couple discussing my appearance which at the time was very bad, I turned round and told them I was turning into a swamp monster but I was so glad I didn't suffer from ignorance, I brushed past them making a point of skin to skin contact and said that it might even be catching! The woman who was caked in make-up with itsty and bitsy eyelashes on looked horrified! I had to have a little chuckle to myself. ;-)

    Hugs right back to you and hope your day is going well

    Madmagz x

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