Does the cause of feeling ill matter?

I am off work ill today... woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands with could be the start of a Lupus flare. My joints are painful and my brain fogged. However, I have just started Mycophenalate so it could be a reaction to that. Being mindful of compromised immunity I took my sore throat to the Doc who thinks it is a virus but gave me a course of antibiotics as standby. My last blood results were bad Haemoglobin 10 and Iron 3 so I am anaemic and waiting to be admitted for an iron infusion. I am also very stressed at the moment as my daughter is ill as well. Thing is, why do I keep trying to justify feeling ill and trying to categorise which problem is making me ill. Why can't I just feel ill and accept it instead of thinking have I done anything to make myself ill? Does everyone do the blaming, justifying and rationalising thing like this?

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  • It may be that part of your illness is that your brain is in a tizz.

    If I am feeling crap, I can simply put it down to lupus as a generic answer.

    Then again it can be helpful to get a full picture of what is going on with your health. There may be patterns to what sets you off and only with handle on things can you come up with a strategy for coping.

    So dont get hung up on the whys, I has a million sore throats and eventually didnt register them.

    But, I now know that a regular intake of live yoghurt keeps my gut in shape, before this it was all a bit random.

  • you could try keeping a health diary which would list your symptoms, along with your activity, what you've eaten etc - then after a couple of weeks - you may see a pattern emerging which will help you manage your symptoms better. Not guaranteed at all but maybe worth a try and give you a bit of a sense of control back!

  • Good thinking.

  • Thats a good idea Heatheric, I think you might be right about the control thing as well, I have always been organised and logical but that sort of thinking doesn't apply to Lupus.

    I think stress plays a big part in my illness, I had a bad week at work last week and it don't help that I am worried about my daughter.

    Thanx for replying :)

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