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Does anyone else get brain fog as part of signs of a flare up?

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I am only recently diagnosed so still getting to grips with spotting the signs..... Although, I am understanding a lot more about lupus now:)

At work on Friday, I felt as though I was getting a cold/flu symptoms sore throat, nasal congestion,etc and so tired....then the brain fog bad that talking to my daughter in the supermarket about potatoes cakes, I physically had to get them out the bottom of trolley to find what they were called, same with lasagne! Then yesterday felt terrible and have slept constantly since , i can hardly walk..... I am trying to battle through each flare till I can get on meds. Problem with liver means I have had to wait another 3weeks until next appointment and kidney function was down on a routine bloods that GP sent to rheumy , so he wanted to check again and book scan of kidneys....

How does brain fog affect anyone else? This really scared the poo out of me, my daughter laughed and said it was old age....but then I became ratty and frustrated! Poor teens, I am worse than them...xxxxx

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Hi Yes, total brain fog during a flare. Unable to hold a thought until I say it as I forget. Unable to concentrate on simple normal things, forgetful and as if my head just feels fuzzy. Like you it affects my walking, weakness happens, achy joints, fatigue (badly), mild fever and my positive outlook on life changes during a flare up. My emotions now also tell me that a flare is going to happen as I start to feel low for no apparent reason....then the fatigue.....then the rest follows suit. It is made easier by taking it really easy at the feeling down and then fatigue stage as occasionally it has not developed into a flare or if it has it has been for a few days. This last flare was the worse for a while though it's a fab feeling when they ease and you think.....oh I feel normal again. Funny old condition this.

Hello there brain fog is quite common on us lupus sufferers we can experience it whilst in a flare, before a flare or like me at any time it comes on all of a sudden and you find yourself using all kinds of words where my mind just goes blank sometimes or I forget to do things or even what im doing I have the memory of a goldfish myself and at my age of 19 I have the brain of an OAP lol. The best attitude for me is to just laugh about it theres not much to do about it and it comes with the lupus. Hope you can more info on this issue and more on lupus to help you get to grips with it.

Him indoors and the teens say its like playing a game of charades! Trying to stay positive with a smile :)

Hi I have mild Lupus and Hughes syndrome. Hughes syndrome made me have brain fog, since being on blood thinners. It has improved a lot, maybe worth taking a look on the site on here.

I get brain fog when my fatigue is worse or like now when I have a really awful cold and painful sinusitis. So any time my immune system is fighting or if I try to do too much really. I can't find the words for things and forget the names of people or use the wrong word without knowing. Always a sign to rest more and try to do less. It does pass if I take it easy and willgo when this cold clears up - I hope!!! I made 10 mistakes typing this and I can on a good day touch type accurately at about 80 wpm. ;-)

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This is so me. Number 1 son asked where is school cookery ingredients where on Monday morning. the fridge I shouted down....he came up with all his cheesecake ingredients FROZEN, I swear I have no recollection but he found in the bottom of the chest freezer, hope his teacher saw the funny side because I sat in tears wondering why I simple couldn't remember doing it! It freaked me out.....

Y E P !

ive brain fog even when not in flare, my family and friends are used to finishing my sentances and having a laugh when I say the wrong word, at work I said " its in the wardrobe" and ment warehouse! and "I will take it into the garden" and ment the yard! my supervisor looked at me and then smiled sweetly as if to say "aww and shes only 41!" LOL. my name badge isn't for the customers its for me!!! :)

I do understand though as it is frustrating when everyday words disappear from our memories in a flash x

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