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Inflammation update

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Well the steroids have started to ease the inflammation so I'm now on a reducing scale with the steroids. Thank god as I was eating myself out of house and home 🙄. My breathlessness is easing still get a cough from time to time. Spoke to oncologist same day of x-ray and he's putting me on maintenance Pemetrexed starting in a couple of weeks. Will be commencing on Folic acid and B12 injection also. Not sure how long I will be on maintenance as forgot to ask 😏 but 🤞 he also informs me side effects will not be as severe 🤔. So onward and upwards. Take care everyone love to you all xxx

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Hi Ollie, onwards and upwards! You sound positive Ollie, glad your cough and breathlessness is easing. Is Penetrexed immunotherapy? Well, my dizzy spells cleared up, spoke to Macmillan, had BP checked, it’s low blood pressure from spending the majority of the day lying flat until I get this spine compression sorted out, thankfully due to osteoporosis, then the next day started with drop foot again! Had some steroids left over so took them yesterday and it’s easing off now, I’ll ring Macmillan again today, they’ll be sick of me! Got brain scan on Tuesday, when are you seeing your consultation Ollie? Let me know how you get on. Sending love and best wishes. Pam

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Hi Pam won't bore you all okay at the moment starting maintenance on 3rd December. Your having a hard time at the moment I'm always here for you 🤗🤗🤗

Morning Ollie13 It is a bumpy road isn't it. You must be really pleased with what you've achieved over the past few weeks and its brilliant to hear that you're moving on to a less intense treatment.

💪Keep looking after yourself

Sarah x

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