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Update from the North

Hi folks I'm a bit latchy in updating about my condition but I've just been a bit busy running around sorting various legal matters and tidying up my affairs, not that I intend popping my clogs any time soon.

I can't remember if I said in any posts but my stepson and family are coming over to spend Xmas in London, so we are due to fly down on the 22nd Dec, which is the day after my oncologist appt, until 2nd of Jan but we will have to see how it goes and hope I'm able for the trip.

We had a Mcmillan nurse round last week for a first visit and my GP also asked me to come in and see him as well so a medical day it is then. The McMillan nurse visit was a getting to know each other time, and basically for my darling wife to give her some support.

I haven't been well enough to play golf for 2-3 weeks but I certainly feel a bit better now and my golf buddies have managed to find a local course that still has buggies going so I was looking forward to that on Thursday. It will probably have been my last game as nearly all golf clubs stop hiring out buggies from Nov to April to protect their courses so I was determined to enjoy it.

Unfortunately I only hit 2 shots and my back screamed agony at me. I did act as driving shotgun for my partner but with all the humps and hollows on the course the pain increased expotentially and I had be driven home and the doc was called in.

Basically since then I have seen 6 doctors and given various pain reliever combos until my own GP stepped in and now has me on a slow release morphine tablet, oramorph and other types of medication to try and finally get proper pain management in place. All seemed to be going well until this weekend and the lower back is now too debilitating for me, so further increase in morphine levels look likely.

I have been trying some natural oils but nothing is shifting this back pain. The saving grace is that it is not constant so I can still do some things without a guys wimpy yell when pain strikes!!!😫

It is also not too bad yet in bed, the pain I mean, but I am developing a cough and wheezy breathing at night time which is annoying, I'm just sucking sweets to help salivate the throat.

That's enough of my moaning it's getting too near Xmas so it's nearly time to be jolly and we've had snow❄️❄️❄️☃

Mind you all the pressies are bought and I've got my cards done so being stuck inside has its uses.

Hope you are all staying strong and positive.💪💪

Rab X

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good to hear from your Rab. here's hoping you have a painless xmas.


Pleased to hear from you again. Hope you don't get snowed in and cannot make London for Christmas. Will be thinking of you and watching the forcast. Glad to see you got some golf in at last even though it was short. Good to hear that you are getting your pain relief sorted and hope all ges well for your trip. May be a bit early but I wish you and your family Season Greetings.


Your a true inspiration to everyone. Enjoy your family visit. take care xxxxx


Dear Rabbie - you are such a brave an inspirational man - the journey ahead is a tough one and my thoughts are with you on this - you have given so much comfort to people - you are truly a wonderful person and life is very cruel - but you keep fighting - take care - Tania xx


Hi Rab,

Thanks for posting. We found the Macmillan nurses quite helpful for fixing things quickly in the community (like getting prescriptions sorted at v short notice)...they were great for me to phone up and get advice...and took a holistic view. Pregabelins were helpful for my husband with nerve pain. Reflexology and head massage also gave relief. Anyway, hope your pain team get it under control soon. All the best to you and your family. Kx


Hi Rabbie,

I am glad your pain is now under control, you are such an inspiration to us all, I hope you are well enough for your Christmas visit, you don't give in easy your a fighter you will make it, and I am sure you will be waited on so enjoy that and sit back (if you can).lol

best wishes

Margaret xx


Hi Rabi,

Sorry to hear that pain has become an issue . Can I recommend that you get one of those all moving beds ie electronic head rest .ect I know when in hospital this helped me no end to move around and get comfortable .It also helped my Mum through her lung cancer days she had a poor prognosis and didn't want to take lots of medication as she lived alone ,l think the bed just made it so much easier .She also had a chair recliner which helped . What ever works you have to give it ago you may already know all this I am sure.Just felt if nothing else I can advise that....... enjoy the days you can which I am sure you are .

At the moment I am cancer free ,lucky me, so I am back to work ,a little not as much as I did and raising funds for the Roy Castle foundation just small things like the cake sweep and a Wii party ,put some collections tins out locally . Just feel I want to give a little back I have found this site brilliant through my darker days with people like yourself giving advice reassurance and having a chat .So I am definitely thinking about you just want to send you a hug and a Thank you. Have a good Xmas where ever you are .



Hi Rab,

Good to hear from you,it is just a pity to read that your back pain is so bad.It must be bad to have stopped you playing golf.I really hope you can get the pain under control.Enjoy London next month with the family.Best wishes.



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