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a little update.

Just a little update on whats been happening with me since January. I am so excited, our local pcso nominated my 14yr old son to be an olympic torchbearer and he's been chosen. So come 22nd June, my head will be swelling with pride and embarassing I will be embarassing by crying so much with pride lol. It would have been nice if it was in our hometown but its such a honour for him I think he would have travelled to the moon.

Healthwise apart from these chest infections that keep popping up as far as my lungs go I am doing quite well. I have found a small lump in my breast initial tests have shown it to be benign but the powers that be have decided to remove it which should have been tomorrow but it has been postponed until Friday 13th, good job I'm not overly superstitious : ) I have noticed another small lump in my left breast but it is very close to the lobectomy scar so think it could be scar tissue but I will be good and mention it when I go for my pre-op on thursday.

I hope everyone else is keeping well think I should make my way to bed or I will be having a bigger battle with wallpaper tomorrow (decorating)

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Hi Loopyloo

Good to hear from you. I'm not surprised you're going to be crying tears of pride when your son carries the olympic torch. Quite an honour for him. I know the torch is being carried through our small town - but he won't be coming that far!!

As for chest infections - although my cancer was now 12 years ago, I've found myself with a chest infrection - since before Christmas! I'm on my fourth course of antibiotics and yesterday, deleloped a very sore throat. :( Suppose I should be gratefull it's nothing more serious. Stay well, Bill x


I know what you mean about being grateful Bill, I work in a school so since I went back seem to pick up all the little bugs that do their rounds, although I try not to take time off work sometimes the army of bugs win, don't know whether I'm more afraid of the little germ army or of the dreaded wag officer knocking on my door lol, you stay well too xxx


Good Morning Loopylou (and Bill),

Thanks so much for sharing your happy news,congratulations to your son,perhaps you will share his name with us,that we can cheer him on if only on our tellies LOL,its nice to know someone, however tangible the link, that is carrying the olympic torch.Best wishes for your op on the 13th,I will be thinking about you.


Good Morning Eric, My sons name is Leon Gledhill he will be carrying the torch through Fleetwood. You should be able to spot him because, have you seen the film Big, well the bit at the end where tom hanks reverts back to a child and the suit he wearing is way too big that will be my son as the uniform sizes were a bit vague and I am hopeless with working the tape measure : )x


Hi Loopyloo,

what fab news and such a fantastic thing for your son to do. I hope your surgery go's well and that you have nothing to worry about, will be thinking of you on the 13th. Take care and keep your chin up.

Lyn x

ps. good luck with the wallpaper, thats something I have never done!


Thanks lynba, hope you are keeping well. xx


Wow, that's an amazing thing to be asked to do - I have 2 girls, almost 3 years old and 9 months and feel proud whenever they behave well in public so can't imagine how lovely you must feel.



Hi AlliTB, I am so proud of him, but he just like any other teenager at times a right pain : )


Hello Loopyloo

I just wanted add my congratulations to your son. Wow! Such a wonderful honour for him, you must be floating on air. I am sure everything will be ok for you tomorrow - good to hear from you. Take care, Joanna x


Thanks Joanna, Think I'm looking forward to the sleep tomorrow, I've been trying to finish my decorating, think the living room will have to wait. Granada Reports will be interviewing my son next week, I have had to ask the pcso to go on camera with him, I hate camera's : ) x


I'll be sending positive vibes your way tomorrow Loopyloo! Let us know how you are and stay strong!



Thank-you xx


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