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Just a quick update

I have just had my latest scan results, much earlier than expected. My November scan showed progression of the main tumour. It had gone from 11cms to collapsed and immeasurable in 8 months, this had remained so for another year. Then November showed it was 2cms x 3mm. We didn't know how long it had taken to get to this size so I stayed on Iressa and was scanned again 3 months later.

In the meantime I went to Christies for a second opinion, well really to see if I could get Afatinib. I will have to do IV chemo first though. So we decided that depending on how much more progression I had would tell us when I needed to start IV chemo and then we would decide whether I went on maintenance (Alimta) for a while or started Tarceva or clinical trial (Afatinib or chemo).

The funny thing was the cough I developed seemed to be getting better ?? So I was pretty much convinced there was only minimal progression. Well, there was no further progression at all to the tumour, just slight growth of one node. :)) This means I can carry on with Iressa for another 3 months until I am scanned again (or If I become symptomatic I will be scanned sooner).

This is great news for me and others like me who are taking Iressa, it seems that it may have had a 'blip' but is obviously still working well. My oncologist said I am one pf the longest to take it with success, I am one of the first to take it though so I think that bodes well for many more of us.

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This is excellent Lyn!

Stay well. :)

Bill x


Great news Lyn. Very pleased to hear it.

Take care

Joanna x


Great news. Glad to hear that you've had better results than you'd expected & fingers crossed for the next one.

Saw your TV interview - well done!



Wonderful news look after yourself Lyn, sorry I did not see your TV interview waited but it was not on in my area. xx


Great news Lyn! :) With your tv appearance and these results, you've had a week worth celebrating x


So good to hear your news!Have a good weekend x


I am so very pleased for you. It's such wonderful news and gives hope to all those taking Irressa. I set the DVD to record all the news channels in our area but unfortunately it was not shown on our news channels. It would be great to see it though, any chance the clip could be downloaded to Facebook or this site ? Xxx


Fantastic news. Stay strong and well.

Take care, Deb xx


Such good news Lyn, long may it continue. You must be over the moon.

I did not see your TV interview; it would be good to see it on here.

Have a good weekend.


Sandra x


Yes this is Fantastic news for you Lyn and others like me who are on Iressa, well done! I hope your next scan gives you good news as well. As I live in Spain I didn't see your T.V. Debut. Am sure it went well for you though! As Deb says stay strong and well.

Take care, Georgie xx


Brilliant news :) x


Wonderful news. Watched your interveiw on i Player. Well done you & wonderful to now be able to picture you. Hugs from France xx


That is great news, how long have you been on Iressa?


Great news Lyn.Gives all of us on Iressa a boost.Just had results of latest scan. All still going well

Helen xx


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