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Have an EBUS Tuesday for biopsy on Hilar lymph node to see if surgery is possible , confused dot com lol xxx keep smiling xxx

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  • Could it be a biopsy just to make sure there is nothing lurking about, a belt and braces thing? Look on it as a positive, better a absolute thorough check and not cutting any corners. Trust them they are just making absolutely sure you're going to come through this. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday. Keep strong. Iris xx

  • EBUS - not too bad an experience I promise! Once at the theatre they give you a numbing spray in your throat and then give you a sedative into a vein. Hopefully then everything is quite bearable. The only advice I can give is to try and relax - crazy advice I'm sure when you are worried about it - BUT the best thing is to go with the flow and get it done as easily as possible. They do loads of these each day so they know what they are looking for and are experts in doing this sort of procedure as quickly as they can. Keep calm and let them carry on !! All the best. Diz xx

  • Thanks xxxx

  • Hi onedart1,

    Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)is a test that allows the doctor

    to look into your lungs (similar to a bronchoscopy) and allows them to

    take samples from the glands in the centre of your chest (mediastinum)

    with the help of an ultrasound scan. Before this procedure you will be

    given a sedative to make you sleepy. A narrow flexible tube with a tiny

    ultrasound machine on the end is inserted through your mouth into your

    airways. Using the ultrasound, the doctor is able to see the glands in the

    centre of the chest (mediastinum). A needle is then passed through the

    wall of the airway to take samples from the lymph nodes. This test is not painful and taking

    the samples does not hurt but you may have a sore throat for a few days.

    Most people go home the same day.

    Kind regards,

    All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

  • Thanks very much stopped reading internet lol xxxx

  • If you want doom and gloom the Internet is the place to find it! Iris xx

  • You are fucking right lol , should have died last Thursday lol

    Hope you are good xxxxx

  • Glad you didn't! Lol. If you like a bit of research and great information try inspire.com. They are mostly American but there are people from around the world. I found it really helpful and supportive when I was first diagnosed. I'm doing great, off to Malta in a couple of weeks for some r & r. Only I could book a hotel on the top of a hill! Lol.😀

  • Have a great time in Malta xxxxxxxx

  • Hope to hear how you get on tomorrow. Xx

  • Are you flying to Malta or is that a silly question lol xx

  • Flying with Ryanair, which is an experience in itself. Did you manage to go on holiday? Xx

  • No getting this last test out of the way first then see what's next , said I couldn't fly ?????

  • It was ok , consultant said 98% sure nocancer in lymph nodes so just surgery now , have a great holiday xxx

  • Appointment with surgeon Karen Harrison Phipps at Guys hospital tommorow about surgery its happening so quick xxxxxx

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