Another clear scan!!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share some good news. I got the results of my CT scan yesterday and they came back clear! I have an MRI of my brain scheduled for the new year but all is good from the neck down!

This is my second clear scan since being diagnosed stage IIIb and having had chemo, radio and surgery in June this year. Long may it continue!


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  • Hi Janey H

    Good news for you! I'm really pleased for you and just before Christmas. I too have got an MRI in January for a brain scan. We must swop notes and results of course!

    Best wishes Hoggy

  • Thank you very much and good luck for your scan in January. Do let me know how you get on.

    Have a lovely Christmas xx

  • And to you Janey x

  • Hello JaneyH & hedgehoppy can we make it a threesome come Jan. I'm also going for an MRI brain, hopefully result will be "stable" like last time. Happy Christmas everyone

  • Most definitely!! Good luck in January and have an excellent Christmas. We will compare notes in New Year! Xx

  • Hello Emcee a threesome it is ha, ha. My last one was stable after my stereotactic surgery but I would like a few more under my belt before I can sigh a relief. I'm seeing my onc. for MRI results on Jan 13th. Lucky for me I was born on the 13th. Unlucky for me that the hospital have overlooked me again and I have no appointment for an MRI. A note to all...Be sure to chase up hospital appointments if and when you need to if you know what I mean. I have been forgotten twice so far! Anyway they rang me and the secretary said they would make an urgent mri. I don't want an urgent one exactly but before the appointment would be useful.

    Merry Christmas to all of you. 2016 is going to be a good one!

    Hoggy x

  • Hi Emcee have you had your brain scan yet? X

  • Hi Emcee - have you had your scan / results yet? Fingers crossed things are still stable for you.

    Thinking of you xx

  • So thrilled for you. It is an amazing feeling when you get that All Clear. Now enjoy your Christmas,

    Hugs Anne xx

  • Great news Janey,

    thanks for sharing a positive experience with the community. Have a great Christmas and fingers crossed for the New year scan,

    best Lorraine & all the team

    @Roy Castle

  • Thanks Lorraine. Happy Christmas to you and all the team as well. Thank you for all your support through the year xx

  • This is such a fabulous news. Yes may it continue and merry Christmas is on the cards

  • Brilliant news just in time for Christmas as well.

  • Best wishesx

  • That's great news Jane ,may MRI also be hopeful.Good news is always nice to hear about ,keep up the good work and have a good Xmas.


  • Thanks Diane - happy Christmas to you too xx

  • Hi Janey,

    That is the best christmas present you will ever have,enjoy the holiday and look ahead to the new year.Best Wishes.


  • Hi Janey,

    Always good to hear some positive news and you deserve it.

    Enjoy all the seasonal festivities.


  • Thanks very much Rab. Hope you are doing okay - have been following your updates. Take care. Love J xx

  • Hi Janey, that's great news, wishing you all the best for the new year.

    Margaret x

  • Fabulous news. :)

  • What an encouraging message of hope and my his Scans continue to show NED for a long time

    Bob Blais

  • Hi Janey

    Have you had your brain scan yet? I have just had my MRI and CT scans. Results Monday 25th January

  • Hi, thanks so much for asking! Yes, have had results and they were all clear! Phew! Booked a holiday to Thailand before next set in March!!

    Do let me know the results of yours. I will be thinking of you on Monday


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