Sharing good news!

I have just had the results of my recent scans and they are all clear again.  Huge relief.

I was diagnosed in June 2014 with stage IIIb, adenocarcinoma and have had four rounds of chemo, thirty sessions of radiotherapy and then in June 2015 had a lobectomy.  I have had clear scans since then.  Long may it continue.

i appreciate that many people on here will be going through some tough times and share this news only to give a positive story and hopefully some hope to others.

Best wishes

Janey xxx

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  • Fantastic news Janey. I'm really pleased for you. Hope you had  a good holiday  in Thailand. I've just started eating it! Thai. 

    My 3 monthly scans for the brain MRI and CT for my lungs are both in April and my results will be in May.  I hope to follow you with your excellent good news.

    Best wishes

    Hoggy x

  • Thanks very much Hoggy.  Thailand was lovely - really relaxing and great fun! 

    All the best for your scans in April and do let me know how you get on with your results.  I will send all good vibes to you xxxx

  • That's great news Janey. X

  • Good news enjoy life as much as you can Jeaniexx

  • Brilliant news Janey you have done so well may good health continue for you , I have my first scan in April after second lung lobectomy in September hoping  its as good news yours.

    Take care

    Margaret x

  • Thanks Margaret - all the best for your scans next month.  Do let us know how you get on.

    Janey x

  • Hi Janey, always great to hear of good outcomes. Best wishes for your good health to continue. x Hazel

  • Great news ! long may it continue ! Xxx

  • Hi Janey H

    That is fantastic news and great you are sharing it with us

    Kind Regards

  • Brilliant Janet ,you must be feeling good .I too had a clear CT scan in January so good news for me also.Hopefully this trend will continue .Best wishes Diane .

  • That is brilliant Diane - really pleased to hear it.  Definitely hope it continues for a very a long time!! Have fun 


  • Excellent news x

  • glad to hear of your good news, Janet. Are you still running those marathon races?


  • Thanks very much Peter!!  Am signed up for the same marathon for this year all things being well.  I am just getting back into running after a bit of a break and now the weather is warming up it is easier to get out there!! 

    Hope all well with you 

    Janey x

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