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Hi I am new here, and want to join the team!

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My name is Corrine, I am 67 married to a wonderful man, we have a daughter and four lovely grandchildren. I was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer on 28th June and still haven’t got over the shock so I hope to find some coping strategies from others who are either further down the road or are handling it better than me. I have completed 13 radiotherapy sessions and 4 out of a planned 35 immunotherapy visits. We live in North Staffordshire having moved here in January from Cambridgeshire which has also contributed to my feeling isolated, this definitely wasn’t part of our plans this time last year. I have lots of questions but will save them for another day, preferably when I don’t feel so tired and flaky!

Crin Xxx

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Hello Crin, you’ve found a good place to chat, genuine lovely people on here. I’m 66 so we’re similar ages. I was diagnosed in August of this year, and like you a complete shock. Went to GP with a bowel problem, turned out to be Diverticulitis, I said I still didn’t feel right and he sent me for CT scan. Picked up lower left lung, Stage 4 NSCLC. Hit by a truck! Then a roller coaster isn’t it? Anyway first immunotherapy October, next this Thursday. Me and my family, two lovely lads, 41 and 36, two granddaughters, 4 and 9, and my lovely husband’s lives have changed for ever. No planning now, but I’m sure other’s in my situation do. Good days, if you can call them good, and bad day’s. Some days I cry, I didn’t want to ‘go’ just yet, wanted to see my little girls grow up, and my younger son have a family. I know as you do, when I go to Christie in Manchester, the waiting area is full, young and elderly alike, so I suppose I’m lucky really that I’ve got to this age. On top of that I have osteoporosis, many years now, and recently a vertebrae has compressed my spine, it’s like what else is being thrown my way, I love to cycle and now I can’t until I have treatment for it, which my consultant says will have to be delayed until I’ve had more immunotherapy. What have I done in life I think sometimes to deserve this. Keep in touch when you are feeling better. Love and wishes. Pam xx

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Hi Pam, thanks for writing back, the last few days all I’ve wanted to do is cry, my husband had been so supportive I don’t know what I would do without him. Not only have I lost weight but worst of all it’s the muscle loss my skin looks awful and I don’t know what to do to make it look better. I used to go out on my bike, I would swim and also attend the gym 3 times a week now I’m just tired all the time, and the same as you I wonder what have I done to deserve this. We are in Stoke on Trent so maybe once we both feel stronger and I can face coffee perhaps we could meet up half way….sending best wishes for your up and coming immunotherapy sessions, I’ve just had number 4 out of 35. Just had a change in meds today, my McMillan angel tells me I will be a different woman in a fortnight, here’s hoping!

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Hello Cos, nice to hear from you and hope you’re feeling better than the other day. Yes, it’s good we have a loving supportive husband. I cry sometimes other days not so bad. I’m very concerned about my weight, only 6 and a half stone now, all my life been around 8. I suppose when first diagnosed in August I completely lost my appetite, some days not eating at all. I look so scraggy plus muscle waste. You ride a bike, I do, but not at minute, been banned by Dr Summer at Christie. In case I have any more accidents and damage any more bones.!Think I wrote on here somewhere, what have I done to deserve this, but no we haven’t done anything wrong and we must believe that. I live in Manchester, and yes nice to meet up in the future. Just been for second immunotherapy and Zoledronic fusion for dodgy vertebrae due to many years of osteoporosis, which has compressed my spine, thankfully nothing to do with cancer. It makes me cry at Christie, waiting room full, young and old alike. You take care and keep in touch with everyone on here, they’re amazing people. Best wishes Pam xx

Welcome Corrine, this forum certainly helped me cope when my wife was diagnosed with SCLC. You are in the right place.

God Bless yourself and David.


Hi we have to take it day at a time I diagnosed March I’m always scared it’s the unknown be strong enjoy your family sadly I lost my mother last week so my anxiety is go through roof x

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