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Finally got pet scan results... 😐

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Hi all. So my mum had a pet scan 3 weeks ago to investigate a mass in her upper right lung. She spoke to her consultant on the phone today and he explained that the scan showed the active area in the right side as expected but there is also a very small active area in her left lung (which didn't show up on the chest X-ray or ct scan) he said this is very unusual and the delay in getting the results was due to the report being looked at by a few consultants to decide on the best course of action. She will have a needle biopsy in the next week or so and also blood tests. My mum asked about potential treatment and he said surgery on the left and radiotherapy on the right side - does this sound right? The right tumour is about 1.5 inches so would they not remove that surgically and use radiotherapy on the left side which is very small? He also didn't mention chemo. I am also wondering if anyone can shed some light on why her case is unusual?


d x

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Hi there I can only relate to my LC. I had chemo after my tumour on the left lower lobe as there are 3 lobes on the left and only two lobes on the right if I got that right. I did have a nodule on the right and said that should be taken out as it may be a tumour but it may have been there for years and wouldn't confirm unless it was removed. It wasn't showing active and I didnt want it removed as I am overweight and didn't want to become possibly more breathless. So I still have it. It all depends exactly where the tumour is and also the shape and size. Ask the Onc. To see it on the monitor which is what i did as i really wanted yo know exactly what was going on as i too had so many questions to ask him.

I hope this may help.

Best wishes


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RoyCastleHelplinePartner in reply to hedgehoggy

Hi hedgehoggy,

Right lung has three lobes,left lung has two!!!

Kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline.

Thank you I should have remembered that.

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Mason15 in reply to hedgehoggy

it the other way round there are 3 lobes on the right and 2 on the left. I know as I had a lobectomy on the right side last year. xxx

Dear Missdwatts,

The only person who will be able to answer your specific questions regarding your mum’s management is the Consultant managing her care. The reasons why she has to have surgery as opposed to radiotherapy will depend on a variety of factors based on her test/scan results,size,position etc. It is difficult to retain information given over the phone. It might be useful to write down the specific questions you have and ask the Consultant at the next clinic visit.After the needle biopsy, the tissue results will inform the doctors of the tissue type and tumour stage and the Consultant will discuss with you what the implications of these results will be as regards how your mums care will be managed in the future.

Kind regards,

All the Roy Castle Helpline team.

Thanks. I will make a note of any questions before the follow up appointment. I was really just interested to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience... hearing other people's positive stories makes the whole thing seem less daunting and frightening.

D xx

Missy this is new for me as well. I am going through all this now. I just know that I am hard to pull blood from. I have worried for a couple of weeks and now Tuesday I have a a bone marrow and the following week the lung biopsy. The best thing you can do for your Mum is stay strong, I will keep her in prayer. The more you show her your not scared, or worried the more she will believe these test are just that TEST.....Danna

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MissyD1 in reply to Danna

Thank you Danna. Wishing you all the best too x

I had a lobectomy to remove a 4cm tumor and then followed by 4 doses of chemo. I am due shortly to start radiotherapy on 3 lymphnodes in my chest. hope this helps xxx

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