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Scan results

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I went for a pulmonary test a few weeks ago and a doctor saw me while I was there, he asked how I was feeling after finishing chemo I said I would feel better when I got the results of my PET scan when I see the oncologist in 2 weeks time, he said he could tell me the results then if I wanted, they were not what I was expecting, the right side were I had the lobectomy he said looked fine, but the small tumor in my left lung had actually grown and he said it was active, so instead of me waiting 2 weeks to hear this again he said he would set the ball rolling now, he said I would be discussed at the MDT meeting on the following Thursday, an appointment was made for me on the Friday to have a lung function test and an heart echo gram on the same day and the following Monday I received an appointment to see the thoracic surgeon this coming Monday 3rd August,everything has happened so quickly I don't know what to think, they certainly haven't wasted any time just now worried what the surgeon might tell me, I just feel at the moment that going through chemo was a waste of time while still trying to think positive.

best wishes to you all

Margaret x

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Sorry to hear your scan wasn't good. I would also feel chemo was a waste.

Did it do anything for you? Can they operate on it? I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better.😊 As everyone always says.....

Think positive... There are a couple people on here, that have some pretty inspiring stories. Well worth rereading.

I'm sure they'll come up with a plan for you. Maybe radiation?

Let us know how you make out.😊


Thanks Ruby, I am hoping they will offer me surgery, I think it all depends on how fit I am and the results of lung function and heart scan, I am still on iron tablets and magnesium since chemo, it messed my bloods up, I will let you know how things go with the surgeon tomorrow.

take care

Margaret x

Hi Margaret,

As we always say the waiting and the unknown are the worst times as you do not know what to do to help yourself and your imagination runs riot.After your surgery and chemo it must have been a shock to learn about your left lung .It is a plus that no time is being wasted ,that is very important.The appointment with the surgeon will clear the waters about what the future holds.Best wishes for tomorrow.


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jujuju in reply to stewart58

Hi it is disappointing when chemo doesn't do the job, but the stats are never good for it, that's why surgery is the only hope of a cure. Hopefully you will be able to have further surgery and get rid of it.

Its never a waste of time to have treatment as it can help and we just don't know.

Hoping when you see the surgeon tomorrow he will give you hope

Best wishes


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littlenanny in reply to jujuju

Thanks Julie for the best wishes, I do hope they offer me surgery, I will let you know how things go, hope you are keeping as well as can be.

take care

Margaret x

Thanks Stewart, you are right the imagination does run riot. I am glad things are moving quickly but everything seem to quick and I cant get my head straight but things will be clearer tomorrow, how are you keeping ?hope things are going well for you.

take care

Margaret x

Hi Margaret. Things sometimes do move very quickly at times with our treatments and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Hopefully the fact that you're seeing your surgeon may mean that the are thinking about some more surgery to remove the left lung tumour which should mean a more positive outlook.

Best Wishes for tomorrow.


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littlenanny in reply to

Thanks Rabbie for best wishes for tomorrow.

you take care

Margaret x

Hope all goes well for you. We will be thinking of you. xxxxx

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Thinking of you today, hopefully the MDT will have come up with a positive plan. Hope things go as well as they can,



Thank you Jillygirl and Loraine, I saw the surgeon today and he gave me the options of either radiotherapy, watch and wait or surgery and I have opted for surgery which he said would be in the next 4 weeks, so I will try and not think about it till nearer the time, I will keep you updated. hope you are all keeping as well as you can be, bye for now

Margaret x

I would say go for the surgery if you are fit for it. the chemo may not be a waste as it may have killed off any circulating tumour cells . as long as you had the chemo without emerging battered and ready now for the next battle I think there's nothing to regret about it. my wife had chemo post surgery too and soon there after she was found to have brain mets. we do not think the chemo has failed. it is another bullet against this formidable foe.

So sorry about your wife, this beast is so cruel. The chemo I had may have got rid of any circulating tumor cells but it certainly battered me, I think if the tumor in my left lung had stayed the same I could have understood but to increase in size after chemo was a blow but I now know that this does happen, I am ready for the next round we just cant give up the fight. wishing you and your wife strength and hope for the future.

Margaret x

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