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NSCLC, results of CHART

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My Mum has NSCLC in one lung. Following an intense course of radiotherapy and a Ct scan the results show today that the tumour has not shrunk, does this mean that the radiotherapy is still working, the last dose of radiotherapy was in Feb 18. Good news that the cancer has not spread to other organs but we have informed that there is an additional 1cm tissue that is concerning them attached to the original mass and could be the start of new cancer activity. It is a 12 week wait for a further CT scan. My question is how likely could this be and if no shrinkage in the original tumour mass in 4 months could the radiotherapy still be working or in my mum's case can this cancer be kept isolated and contained. Discussion with consultant if there is new cancer activity new treatment of systemic would be offered, she was previously informed that immunotherapy was not an option as my mum would not be receptive to this type. This is my first post and I and my mum are really worried of our news today. I would be grateful for any comments or advice and thanks in advance. Louise X X

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Morning! Firstly I’m sorry you and your mum are in this position I know exactly how your feeling right now. My mum in law of 28 years was diagnosed 2 years in June with nsclc. She firstly had 3 rounds of chemo because it was in her lymph nodes. If your mum has had radiotherapy first correct me if I’m wrong but that’s says it’s not in your mums lymph nodes if so that’s really good news.

My mum in law went on to have radiotherapy last November and like your mum it didn’t shrink straight away but the radiotherapy works over months, my mum in laws shrunk by 1 cm and it hasn’t grown since and that was 6 months ago. Keep your mum well, eating good foods and take her and do some fun things with her all the while she is well.

My mum in law has stayed well for the last 2 years it’s just now she’s having a few troubles.

Sounds like your mum has caught it pretty early, I would say though any change in your Mum make sure you tell the doctor or oncologist. If you don’t mind asking how old is she?

Good luck sending positive thoughts. 🌸

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Ellie2106 in reply to Tcam

Hello, I am so pleased to hear your mother in law is doing well and the C is being controlled. Yes for my mum no mention of infection in the lymph nodes. It is reassuring to hear although the tumour may only shrink by a small amount that the person can still live a relatively normal life. Thanks for your positive comments much appreciated Louise x

Hi Ellie2106 I'm sorry to hear about ur mum luv .my hubby was diagnosed n October 2015 with the 7cm nsclc he had surgery to remove this on 6 Jan 2016 by then it was over 9cm an spread into 6 limb nodes so he was to get chemo but oncology said no as chemo would kill him as he's bad diabetic and has epelpsie. So he was getting scans every 3months to keep check and on the second 3month check they found a spot on the remaining part of lung said they didn't think it was any thing then 6 months later it had double n size still did nothing .then in Feb of this year he had a scan and was told it was in cm so it was defo cancer bk and inoperable they can only do high dose of radio 20 sessions over 4weeks.he just finished on 20 April this year. He was hospitalized for 4 weeks during it as it stoped him from eating .So wee don't no nothing yet wether it worked r not have an appointment next week just to see how he is but they don't rescan for 3months which is putting r heads away. So if the radio didnt shrink ur mothers its awfull to hear . Can they not opperate on her r is it the way my hubbys is to close to the heart to opperate .i hope yous get answers make sure u write down everything u want to know and brung it with u cause ther things you always forget when ur their .keep me posted about ur mum love hopefully thers sumthing they can do x'

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Ellie2106 in reply to Kevin1973

Firstly I am sorry you and your Husband have been on such a rough journey. My mum cannot have any surgery as it’s too close to the heart. I pray and hope we all get some good news- it’s the waiting of three months that plays with ur head, keeping everything crossed and sending my best wishes to you both, stay strong x

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Kevin1973 in reply to Ellie2106

Same to you and your mum it's awfull for us to see and wait but nut hubby doesn't speak about it he just keeps it in which isn't good but I no he's very worried about it. You take care of ur wee mum go out do things try take her mind of it lots of prayers are with you from me x

Hi Ellie2106,

It is good news that your mums cancer has not spread to other organs.

Radiation continues to damage tumour cells for a few weeks or months following the end of the scheduled radiation treatments. This is why doctors often wait a few months after radiation to re-image a tumor with CT scan or MRI.

Some information which may be of interest is available at cancer.gov/about-cancer/tre...

The specialists will be in a better position to advise you about the 1 cm mass which is attached to the original tumour when they have the scan results.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

Thank you for this information- much appreciated Louise

Hi I was just wanting to ask if anyone has heard of lung cancer spread to ypur spleen my hubby had a 9cm nsclc removed in Jan 2016 which had went into the limbnodes on same side which they removed. He was told he needs chemo but oncologist said no as he is diabetic and elliptic .so they scanned every 3 months .on the 2nd 3month one the found small spot on the upper lobe which they said cud be scar tissue but it glowed on pet scan. That was in June 2016 and they left him into Feb this year to tell him it was the cancer bk and cud only offer radio .He had 20 sessions over 4weeks in which he was n hospital for bcuz he cudnt eat r drink as it burnt his insides bad .He had follow up scan in August and they said it looked ok but cud not tell if it had shrunk as ther was a lot of scar tissue .and they wud exray him every 6 weeks to check it.he has bin in so much pain in the left side under ribcage and constantlysleeping swollen belly and weight loss so I met with consultant and demanded they scan his brain and chest abdomen and pelvis. They done it a few weeks later and the results came bk showing 2 spots on the spleen which need investigated so have to wait on pet scan they said it rare for lung cancer to speed to spleen but it can happen. I want to ask has anybody ever heard of this or no if the spots is cancer wee r all worried as he's bin threw so much and if I had not ask for them scans wee would be home the wiser now .please any info about this wud be greatfull x

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RoyCastleHelplinePartner in reply to Kevin1973

Dear Kevin1973

Sorry to hear that you have all been on quite an exhausting journey up to this point. It is uncommon and quite rare for lung cancer to spread to the spleen, they are quite isolated cases that have been reported.

If you are interested there is quite a detailed report on this medical paper on this link:


If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi Ellie, can I ask, was is stereotactic radiotherapy that your mum had? Her situation sounds very similar to my mum's.

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Ellie2106 in reply to Tapdancer

Hello, my mum had CHART- continuous hyper fractioned accerarleted radiotherapy treatment 3 X daily for 10 days. It appears it has not worked since the tumour is the same size since Feb18, trying to be optimistic that the R could still be working. Just a waiting game to see this additional 1cm tissue is behaving itself. Fingers crossed for the outcome for all of us X

Hi Ellie was just wanting to ask if u no eat size the Tumor was when first found on ur mum lung luv before her radio x

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Ellie2106 in reply to Kevin1973

Hi yes it was 5cm now at 6cm, thanks for asking x

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Kevin1973 in reply to Ellie2106

Hi Ellie has it gone from 5cm to 6 from the end of the radio x

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Ellie2106 in reply to Kevin1973

Yes from the end of radio that took place in Feb 18- it’s an additional 1cm that has attached itself. Waiting game to see what activity will present itself, next scan is now early Aug. It’s the waiting part that is the most agonising part/ keeping everything crossed 🤞

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Kevin1973 in reply to Ellie2106

Will do love we've to go on Wed but not sure when his scan. Is due hopefully wee find out then take care x

Hi Ellie, there are good replies to your question. I hope that you and your mum will get help and support. This is a good site for information from the Roy Castle team and also the members who have gone through chemo/radiotherapy.

Many blessings.

Thank you Daisy for your kind comments, it is reassuring this site is helping us and keeping our hopes and spirits up X

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