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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well and that your treatment is going well for you.

I had an appointment last week with my lovely Surgeon who has advised surgery is not an option for me so they are continuing on active surveillance and the possibility of chemotherapy later on. I have to see Oncology on 13 July and my next CT Scan should have been done by then and then we will know if the tumour has shrunk or spread. The coughing is getting worse (more at night) but I will cope. GP has signed me off sick as she feels I need time away from work, I work in a stressful post, so now it's a case of catching up on my arts and crafts in between hospital appointments.

As I said hope you are all doing well and catch up soon.

Love and Hugs Elaine xxxx

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Hi Elaine,

Thanks for keeping us updated.Does your cough keep you awake at night?I hope you can lose yourself in your arts and crafts till July13.How are your heat spots?Did you find out any more about them?Best wishes.



Hi Stewart

Thanks for your email. Hope things are well for you.

Yes the coughing starts as soon as I move sides in bed or drink fizzy juice, but if it continues my CNS said they could give me something to help.

The heat spots turned out to be shingles, ion the mend now but have a few marks left behind which I kid people on that they are my war wounds 😄

My arts and crafts keep me concentrated on what I am doing so I tend to forget my illness for a while, it is nice to be able to spend time doing it as with work I was too tired to do anything when I got home.

Best wishes and hugs Elaine xx 😄


Hi Elaine,

You've got such a great positive attitude, I'm sure this will stand you in good stead. I hope the coughing doesn't get too bad, it's horribke not being able to sleep because of it - have you tried propping yourself up with pillows so you're not quite as flat? It works sometimes.

Thinking of you and I hope appointment in July goes well for you - do please leg me know.




Hi Tilstongal

Thanks for your e-mail, it's always nice to hear from you.

The coughing is getting slightly worse and catching breath is a pain, literally, but it could be worse. I tried sleeping with pillows propped up but it doesn't help much. Think a talk with CNS sooner rather than later is in order.

Hope you are doing well and will let you know how it goes at next appointment.


Elaine xxxx


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