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another update on chemo

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Hi, hope you are all as well as can be,

Just spent overnight in the hospital, I had nearly finished my third chemo cycle but was feeling so unwell with stomach problems that the second chemo of the third cycle had to be cancelled, I saw the oncologist the week after and he is reducing my chemo by 25% for my last cycle which I start next Friday, my bloods were taken while I was there but they hadn't got the results before I left so I was told if there was a problem they would ring me the next day, they rang me shortly after I arrived home and told me to come in straight away with an overnight bag as my Magnesium was very low and I was also anemic, I am home now feeling a lot better after 2 lots of blood and one of Magnesium I will be soo glad when I have finished this chemo.

wishing you all very best wishes

Margaret x

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Hope all goes well for you. Xxxxxxxx

Thanks Jillygirl,

you take care x

Hi Margaret, sorry to hear you've been so unwell but hopefully you will get through the next round of chemo, cant imagine what its like especially as you've had two lots of surgery ! I have my first CT scan in 2 weeks which im relieved to have. keep your chin up and keep us informed.

Julie x

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littlenanny in reply to Jules-55

Hi Julie, I will be fine ( that's what I keep telling myself) wishing you good results with your CT scan, let us know how you get on

take care

Margaret x.

Good luck with your next lot of chemo. Hope it goes well and you feel okay. Fingers crossed.

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littlenanny in reply to Jenco

Thank you for the good wishes Jenco

all the best

Margaret x.

Hi Margaret,

It is good to hear that you are doing well.It cannot be easy, hopefully now your blood has been sorted it will be more tolerable.Best wishes

Hi Stewart nice to hear from you again how are things with you, hope you are keeping well,

Yes hopefully I with get this last cycle over, I am sure I will, I think for a while now I have been borderline anemic as people have remarked that the colour from my face and lips have suddenly drained and my lips have gone blue I have more colour now so hopefully I will be OK.

you take care

Margaret x.

Hopefully with a reduced dose you will feel better with the last round of chemo.hope it goes well.

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littlenanny in reply to

Hi Diane, Yes I hope so, the consultant said the reduced dose would not compromise the outcome of the treatment as it is my last cycle,

you take care

Margaret x

I am so happy, Margaret, that they determined the cause of your feeling so ill. The side effects of the disease and the cure are in a separate category all together. I wish you well as you go through the next round and believe you will be better prepared. Best of luck to you-you are never alone. Barbara S.

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littlenanny in reply to Myquest

Thank you Barbara for your good wishes, you are so right that the disease and the cure are completely separate, I hope my body is now better prepared for the next round, we should never feel alone when we have sites like this and wonderful people to talk to when we need advise or just a moan.

wishing you all the best and take care.

Margaret x.

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Sorry to hear the impact of the chemo, but glad they are monitoring you and sorting things out. Hopefully this week's reduced dose will be okay.

best wishes for all of you waiting results and enduring chemo. The messages shared really do show the value in having this on line support. Thank you to everyone who posts, reads and comments,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team

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