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Another update

Hello everyone hope life is treating you as well as can be , I just thought I would post an update from my last post, I did see the surgeon and he has offered me surgery, I will be having my upper left lung removed on the 1st of September, surgeon did point out that my remaining lung function may interfere with the quality of life which is worrying me as I am just about feeling better from having, my right upper lobe removed in Feb this year, he said it would be the equivalent of only having one lung, I was undecided what to do but I think as I was lucky to have been offered surgery I should go for it, wish me luck.

Wishing you all the best

Take care

Margaret x

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Dear Margaret

Thinking of you and and wishing you all the best for 1st September. I'm sure you must feel very anxious -it is such a lot to have to face after your February op. With love

Jenny xxx


Thanks Jenny, I hope you will soon be home from the hospice and feeling much better, we do appreciate little things more, and like you I have a loving family which is a great comfort when fighting this beast.

Wishing you all the best

Keep smiling

Margaret x.


Thank you Margaret. Hang in there and all good wishes

love Jenny. Xx


All the best for the surgery Margaret and I hope that it all goes well.

Many people live happily on one lung so I hope that you don't have too much deterioration in your quality of life. It is a lot to go through if you had surgery in February also but it is good that the surgeon is willing to operate and I think I would be with you in going down that route.

Thanks for the update and I will be thinking of you on Sept 1st

Janey x



Surgery twice in a year is something to face, hope this goes smoothly. As you say a lot to face. However we have a number of forum members who function well on one lung. Once you have recovered from the surgery am sure you can build your stamina.

We will be thinking of you on the 1st,

best wishes


@Roy Castle


Thanks Janey and Lorraine for your good wishes, I think I have made the right decision, I hope I have, I have had 3 surgery's since December 2014 when I first had a wedge section. they must think I am fit enough to go through surgery again so should be ok.

Best Wishes

Take Care

Margaret x


I had the lower left lobe removed (squamous cell) in May 2011 and the upper left lobe removed (adenocarcinoma) 3 months later, so my situation was quite similar to yours. I've never regretted it - surgery always seems to be the best option if it's possible.

I hope you have a good recovery and wish you all the best ...


Thanks elja you have given me some encouragement, hearing someone who has been in a similar situation with no regrets is good to hear, wishing you continued good health.

All the Best

Margaret x


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